DIY Vintage 7 Inch Record Case Revamp

My poor 7 inch case. After nearly 20 years of being in my possession, it was exceptionally trashed. Probably because for the past two years we’ve used it as a doorstop in our bedroom.

But I still loved it. I knew I could save it. It might be some major surgery, but it could be done.

First came the duct tape to the inside of the box. Really, sometimes repairs just need lots of duct tape.

Especially when duct tape can look like this too! I picked up this Duck brand tape at Joanne’s, perfect to go with our minty green bedroom. First I began covering the bottom of the box.

Cut and covered the corners like so.

Worked my way up, trying to match up the lines (not so successfully sometimes).

And trimmed around the latch with my Xacto knife.

Surgery complete. Now, back to that door!