Mix Tape – August 2013


This video. Also, another reason why I love Real Genius.

My videos from the Depeche Mode concert, over and over again. That was the best night ever!

Breaking Bad – and getting blown away by each new episode!

Some of my favorite blog posts:

This tutorial on Ardex concrete countertops has us thinking about re-planning our kitchen remodel, and really excited.

This was “Popsicle Week” on Smitten Kitchen, and these Key Lime Pie Popsicles sound incredible!

Tieka of Selective Potential visited Mackinac City, and took some beautiful pictures! I have a picture of me somewhere in front of the bridge just where she was a couple decades ago on a family trip, and I really want to go back with my own family now.

And other stuff I’ve been loving lately:

Girls nights out with my BFF and kids days in with her family.

New episodes of Sailor Moon are getting released, and I’m beyond excited. Yes, I am 35 and I still love Sailor Moon.

53 Things Only ’80s Girls Can Understand is SO RIGHT ON.

Sushi date nights

Chasing Roy around the yard playing tag and him screaming “Mom, get you MORE!” as I rest.

Sewing for Della, drawing with Roy and making jewelry for myself

Getting surprise packages in the mail – thanks to Blanco Bros for a super sweet pair of embroidered vintage overalls!

Taking neighborhood walks and stumbling into soccer games and awesome garage sales.

Looking Forward to:

DIY Street Fair! Reware Vintage will be there selling in our usual spot, right by the main stage and beer tent. Can’t wait!

Potty training. About to start…any advice, please give me it in the comments, much appreciated!!