Family Style: Going Nowhere

An absolutely perfect day; Nothing to do but just enjoy the weather. We chased Roy around the backyard and played the sandbox, relaxed on the couch and on the deck. Here’s what we wore…

White/Pinkman 2012 T shirt –
Shorts – Adidas

Vintage ’80s Polo shirt from Sears, a gift from Carey
Jeans – Levi’s, thrifted
Sandals – Target

Onesie – Carter’s
1969 Polka Dot Jeans – Gap


Styx Tank Top – vintage, bought from collection.
Jeans – Gap
Flip-flops – Old Navy
Headband – bought 15 years ago at a beauty supply store in NYC
Arrowhead Necklace – vintage Avon, bought at flea market
Awatch watch – vintage, bought at estate sale shop