Royal Oak Antique and Garage Sale: My Scores!

Yesterday you saw some of the things I loved at the Royal Oak Antique and Garage Sale; here is what I brought home with me!

This belt buckle which matches one of my favorite belts perfectly.

A great vintage Avon necklace.

Two incredible vintage T shirts – A 1988 Siouxsie and the Banshees Tour Shirt and a 1989 10,000 Maniacs Tour Shirt. I actually used to own this Siouxsie shirt many many years ago, and am stoked to have it again now!

A few vintage Golden Books for Roy, and a couple more for a friend I can’t show you.

A cute little vintage, handmade apron

A fantastic plant stand that I’ve been wanting for years, and three Catherine Holm bowls – these are the plastic ones licensed by Deka. I was REALLY happy about both of these scores!

But my favorite find of the weekend was this here. Not much to look at right now, but inside are panels for a ’70s wall mural of a fall forest. I think it’ll be going up in my office? Can’t wait to work on it and show you guys soon!

Did I mention that all of this cost me less than $100? I know, these were serious scores! I think this was my favorite ROGS ever.

Did you go to the Royal Oak Antique and Garage Sale? What did you score?