Royal Oak Antique and Garage Sale: Things I Didn’t Buy But Wish I Did

Last weekend was one of my favorite events of the year in Metro Detroit- the Royal Oak Antique and Garage Sale. For those of you that have never been, this isn’t just an average garage sale. This is hundreds of sellers packed into a parking garage, selling antiques, collectibles, weird random stuff, and occasionally just some regular garage sale type stuff too. Unfortunately, over the years there have been a number of spots filled by businesses that really make no sense being there, like Art Van Furniture, AT&T, Tupperware and Tastefully Simple sellers – but lets just ignore them, and some day maybe they will go away.

The Royal Oak Antique and Garage Sale also happens to fall on my birthday weekend, so it is extra fun because I tend to buy myself a birthday present (or twelve) there. Tomorrow I’ll show you what I did end up getting myself, but first here’s some things I drooled a bit over but managed to keep myself from taking home.

One seller there had a LOT of vintage Fischer Price toys. I loved so much of it!

But I especially loved this crane truck. Roy has the matching dump truck at home, so I nearly scooped it up. Then I remembered that he also has 27 other trucks and stopped myself.

Another item I saw all over the sale? Vintage kids furniture. And I have SUCH a thing for vintage kids chairs. These were my favorites of the weekend. Aren’t they great?

Adult size chairs? Oh yeah, there were so many to choose from too, all over the garage. So many Mid-Century Modern chairs, especially!

and couches too, for inside and outside.

My favorite piece there, though, was this Paul McCobb dining room table & chair set.

Wait, no, maybe it was this planter.

Or this set of suitcases. Oh man, there was so much awesomeness.

Come back tomorrow to see what I did buy!