Family Style: At the Park

A couple of weeks ago we walked down to a new park in the area on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It was a very hot day but we had a nice walk together, a little fun on the jungle gym, and sat in the shady pavilion for a bit. We took lots of pictures of the kids, and I realized later that we could use them for our first Family Style post as a family of four (except that there wouldn’t be any pictures of Dan…)

Boombox Burnout Shirt – My Baby Rocks, a gift from Brad & Laura
Plaid Shorts – Meijer
Baseball Hat – gift from Grandma
Sandals – Target

Vintage Sleeveless Shirt – thrifted
Cutoffs – thrifted
Shoes (can’t see, but trust me, they are cute) – Blowfish
Sunglasses – from the lost and found at a bar I used to work at years ago. I actually really hate these sunglasses, but for some reason I lose EVERY pair of sunglasses I own easily EXCEPT this pair. Then I’m forced to wear them until I find a pair I like and buy them, ultimately to just lose them and go back to wearing these ugly things. Please tell me you have this problem too?

Chevron Romper – Target

A fun summer day!