Mix Tape!


I’ve really loved listening to Colleen Green lately. Lots of old Sesame Street and Muppets on the record player this month, too.


I haven’t had much time for reading, but did manage to read a short parenting book. Not very exciting, but helpful!

Some of my favorite blog posts:

This 1980s scarf tying video is mesmerizing in a shoulder pad heavy train wreck/also sometimes kind of helpful kind of way.

You’ve probably noticed that I’m a fan of our Detroit Zoo’s Polar Bear exhibit what with this post and about a hundred pictures of it on my Instagram. Here’s some really beautiful pictures of the bears above water!

Sarah wrote this awesome post – How To Avoid Jealousy and the Comparison Trap – that I think all of us (myself included) need to read and remember in this crazy world of “Pinterest Perfection”

I had no idea that Home Depot had Do It Herself Workshops, but I need to sign up for one & hopefully I can make this chair too!

And other stuff I’ve been loving lately:

Celebrating Della’s baptism and Roy’s birthday with our friends and family

Seeing The Postal Service in concert – they were incredible

Shopping in Detroit at Citybird, Nora and Human

The Reware Vintage site turned 8 years old this month. I’m so grateful for all this site has brought me – new friends, crazy finds, and teaching me to love writing again.

Our new deck furniture from Ikea

Learning how to make a simple silk scarf at Haberman Fabrics – I’ll show you guys my new scarves soon (just gotta make them…)

Introducing Roy to cupcakes for the first time on his birthday at Just Baked.

Eating salads picked from our own garden.

My vintage deer and cute tote bag from Gather and Hunt, and Roy and Della’s matching boom box shirts from PunkBabyClothes.net

And of course, I’m still excited over going to Antiques Roadshow

Looking Forward to:

HBO will be making an American Gods series. I am SO excited!

Dan and I will each be a year older in July. Yeah, I actually am looking forward to it…mostly because maybe we’ll have a date night to celebrate.

The Royal Oak Antiques and Garage sale is in a couple weeks, and I’m not selling at it, just shopping it – even better.