Changes Coming to Reware Vintage…

I’ve spent the last few weeks adjusting to having another (completely adorable) member in our family, changing both my work and our family’s personal schedule, and came to a necessary conclusion. Basically, some things have GOT to give. At least for now.

So at this time, I will be cutting back on some of my work and making some changes with Reware Vintage. I’m actually really excited about these changes, and I hope you will be too!

Instead of weekly shop updates, I am now planning on just having one update each month – but it will be a big one with lots of items, instead of just a handful! I am also going to be more focused in the clothing and crafts we carry, and it will be more collection-based for changing seasons and styles. Of course I will have monthly additions to our vintage T shirts – the customer and shop keeper (i.e. my) favorite part of the site, and I am planning to continue to blog just as regularly as I have been.

I am hoping that re-adjusting my work-week into more of a work-month schedule will free up more time for us personally, and give more time for Reware to grow in new ways. Growth and change is healthy for any business, and especially for this one that is now almost 8 years old.

I want thank everyone who visits, reads and shops with Reware Vintage, and invite you to keep coming back! We’ve got so much as a family and a business to experience, and I hope you’ll continue to share it with us.