Guest Post: The Beginning of a Bad Habit – Collecting Salt and Pepper Shakers by Lish Dorset

I’ve got a problem on my hands, folks. I’ve decided to start collecting salt and pepper shakers.

When it comes to collecting, shakers are probably the most frightening in terms of it getting out of hand quickly. You probably know someone who’s a shaker collector – perhaps your mom or your neighbor? The story always starts out the same – “Oh, I only collect shakers from the places we visit.” Or, “Vintage! Only vintage for me!” And don’t forget this one – “I don’t plan on collecting that many – I CAN STOP AT ANY TIME.”

Let’s be honest – collecting salt and pepper shakers is probably the worst decision I’ve made so far in 2013. But here we go!

I’m fooling myself by saying I will purchase shakers that are funny or unique – I’ve bought many different kinds of shakers so far, both new and vintage. And I’ve had friends and family pick up fabulous pairs, too. (So many pairs that I’ve already filled my allotted area in our kitchen.) I have a lot of friends who love to thrift and antique, so I’ve released an army of shopping monsters.

My good friend Rachel sent me this vintage pair recently. “Salty and Peppy” are adorable! The shakers are wooden with painted details. I like to think they look my husband and me, actually. On the shelves they went.

During a recent visit to the Rust Belt Market in Ferndale I spotted this pair of promotional shakers from Westinghouse. An adorable set – one washer, one dryer. It would be a crime to have left these at the store…

I’ve been to Missouri exactly once in my life. That seemed like enough justification for these vintage souvenir shakers.

These shakers were given to me by co-worker, Melanie, here at The Henry Ford. You can’t say no to that!

With the evidence presented, I’m in trouble for the long haul, eh? As the garage sale season really kicks into gear, I ask you, the kind readers of Reware Vintage, to send me strength to not go fully overboard with my shaker collecting.

(… or if you have any hot leads on shaker collectors looking to let a few sets go, let me know!)

Lish Dorset, along with Beth, is part of Handmade Detroit and the Detroit Urban Craft Fair. She blogs about all-things craft over on her own blog,