Welcome Home: Bedroom Makeover

A few weeks ago, we started our master bedroom makeover. It all started with us wanting to get carpet in before baby was here, as we had laminate floor that echoed our excited dogs “dancing” each morning when we began to stir. It woke up Roy quite a bit when he was little-little and sleeping in our room with us, so we wanted to get carpet in to deafen the clickity-click rampage each morning.

But if we were gonna get carpet, why not paint too? And if we are going to paint, lets get rid of some of the “extreme trim” work that was in the room that we didn’t like. And while we are at it, some new linens would be nice, wouldn’t it? Yep…we were in full-force nesting mode.

And here is the end result! Quite a remarkable difference from what it looked like before, and very serene and tranquil now, just like a bedroom should be. I was inspired to create a “spring-like” room after such a dreary, long winter, and picked out a pale mint paint to start with, then fell in love with a new duvet cover from Target. Dan removed all the trim we didn’t want, patched the walls and painted over a weekend.

We kept our budget on the makeover pretty low by using a lot of the same furnishings we already had in the room or elsewhere in our house. We love our mid-century blonde furniture in the room, and our curtains, which give us privacy but still let a lot of light in, and both go really well with the color change, I think.

This curtain wire is from Ikea and used to hang in our office (now the nursery). We were happy to rehang it, and use it to hang some of our prints somewhere else in the house!

On my bedside table sits my hand-knit Iphone hammock, a vintage alarm clock I pulled out of our Etsy shop to keep instead, and the real necessity – the baby monitor, all on top of a vintage doily.

We moved our bed to sit right in front of our big bay window now, and I planted some flower and lavender seeds in vintage pots to fill the room with fragrance later this spring.

Between our closet and bathroom doors hangs the “Spring Colors” art I made, and a vintage 7-inch box that we use as a door stop.

The dogs’ giant bed now sits at our feet. I made this a few years ago, using a bolt of vintage upholstery fabric I’d found, but now am thinking of making a new cover for it. I think it’ll wait until I find just the right fabric.

Oh, and we got that carpet, too. And we have slept oh-so-peacefully since! We donated the old floor to a children’s museum in Detroit who will be using it in a new room they are building, which I am really excited to see when it is all done.

It took a little over two weeks, but we stayed within our budget and are now so much happier with our new room. We’ve already got plans to start on another big project in the house this summer…I think this may have kicked in the DIY bug even more for both of us!