DIY: Spring Colors Wall Art

Remember in the 80s, when fashion experts would ask what “season” you were? I remember this being a huge trend – identifying if you were a Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter and only buying clothes within your season’s palette.

I found this set of cards at the thrift store one day, with a booklet to help you identify which season you are (I’m a summer, by the way). The idea I guess was to carry these cards with you when you were shopping so you knew what colors were ok to buy, and you could even keep track of what you already had in that color so you wouldn’t accidentally buy ANOTHER bright orange sweater. Let’s also take a moment and look at how fabulous and stylish the woman on the box is. Oh, 80s, you were so silly.

Still, these colors were pretty inspiring, and I especially loved the spring colors. For $1 I picked up the card set, determined to find a better use for them. Then, inspired by a Pinterest search for paint chip projects, it came to me. Of course, these cards may be tough to find if you’d like to make your own version of this project, but paint chips from your local home improvement or paint shop would work just as well!

I picked up a basic 13 by 13 inch frame at Target, a piece of scrap matte board that I could cut down and some Repositional Craft Glue by Scotch at my local Joanne’s. I trimmed the matte board to the frame size with my paper trimmer (back facing up, so any knicks didn’t show on the front). Then I sorted through the spring cards and picked out my favorites and put them in the order I wanted them. I decided to start with the lighter colors, and work down to the brighter to have a bit of an ombre effect.

I put a wide strip of my craft glue down the center of each card and used my ruler to space everything out as evenly as possible (this was a bit tough!).

Just putting the glue down the center made it easy to move the cards slightly when I needed to, without leaving any residue on the matte, and to switch a couple cards around when I changed my mind.

Then I placed the whole project in the frame after the glue had dried. It looks great now in our new “Minty Spring” master bedroom – a fun splash of color!