Family Style, Lazy Sunday Edition

Sunday was a pretty lazy, lounging around the house day, except for a Corned Beef & Cabbage dinner at Dan’s parents home, an annual tradition for Grandpa Nixon’s birthday. A perfect day for your most comfortable T shirt and jeans and nothing to fuss over.

I’m wearing:
Vintage Maternity Shirt
Maternity Jeans – Old Navy
Slip-on Espadrille Shoes – Target
Bird necklace – Earthenwood Studio

Dan is wearing:
Plaid shirt – Gap
Vintage T shirt
Jeans – Classic Levi 501s Shrink-To-Fit
New Mizuno Running Shoes (breaking them in around the house)-
and of course, his Ray Ban glasses

Roy is wearing:
Vintage Health-Tex Shirt
Brown Jeans – Sonoma
Checkerboard Slip-On Vans
and a smile this time, yay!