33 Weeks

At 33 weeks, I’m taking it a bit easier, I think. Taking naps most days now when Roy naps (yes, he is sleeping like a big boy now in his big boy bed!), and since there isn’t much time left for no-baby projects or fun stuff, I finished the curtains for the nursery, went to a Pistons game with Dan & Anna, and saw They Might Be Giants in concert. I’m really excited to be going to my first Pre-Natal massage tonight, too. Woo-hoo!

Looking back at when I was 33 weeks pregnant with Roy, and holy cow, this is a TOTALLY different pregnancy. I don’t have carpal tunnel, and very little heartburn or back pain or swelling (though I still can’t wear most of my shoes right now) or anything else I was battling at this time only a couple years ago. I can even still wear my wedding ring and take it off easily! Feeling VERY VERY lucky right now, so I’m taking advantage and having fun in these last weeks.