Family Style

In a combined effort to be at least somewhat stylish on occasion (which is kind of difficult when you only own two pairs of shoes that will fit your swollen feet at present, but I’m gonna try), and to show how we, as a family, incorporate vintage into our wardrobes and lifestyle, I’m happy to announce a new kind of post on the blog – Family Style!

Last weekend, we took our friends Jeff & Kimberly to one of our favorite spots in Berkley – Clark’s Ice Cream. Clark’s serves the best hard ice cream around, and have the cutest little shop! Some of our favorites there – Banana Pudding, Raspberry Chocolate Chip and Key Lime Pie. Here’s what we happened to be wearing that afternoon, taking pictures on the walk back home.

Plaid shirt – Gap
Grey T shirt – Alternative Apparel
Jeans – Classic Levi 501s Shrink-To-Fit
Shoes – Old Skool Vans
Hooded Sweatshirt – Target
and of course, his Ray Ban glasses

Roy is sporting:
Striped Sweater – Fall’s Creek
T shirt – Vintage Barnum & Bailey
Brown Jeans – Gymboree
Checkerboard Slip-On Vans
Jean Jacket – Gap

At this point, Roy decided he had had enough of this nonsense, and was ready to get back to walking. Let’s pretend he is smiling, though. Or at least not looking like we are putting him through sheer torture.

I’m wearing:
Black Maternity Tee – Target
Vintage Army Jacket – DIYpsi
Maternity Jeans – Old Navy
Sneakers – Levi’s
Vintage Eagle Necklace
Theater Bizarre Pin

The next Family Style post we will make sure to be taking pictures BEFORE nap time.