My Favorite Craft Tools

Originally posted on the Handmade Detroit blog, where each of the members of Handmade Detroit are talking about their favorite craft tools in celebration of National Craft Month. To read each of our posts throughout the month, visit

It’s my turn to talk about my favorite craft tools! And just like Lish in her post, I can’t possibly just talk about one tool…it was hard enough paring it down to these four. Each is a favorite for me for different reasons. Here we go!

First, I’m in love with my new paper cutter – the X-Acto 26358 Heavy Duty Paper Cutter. It has a wood base and is heavy and tough, cutting through anything I’ve put in it’s jaws so far.

My Dritz Eyelet Pliers are great for lots of craft projects – Making banners, sewing projects, quick gift tags and notebooks.

I use my Martha Stewart Bone Folder nearly every day for something or another. It is great for folding cards, opening letters, even turning out corners when I am sewing.

Lastly, I love my Embroidery Floss Book, handmade by my super crafter mother-in-law, Pam! She made it when she learned to embroider years ago, and handed it down to me when I first began to learn. It is full of floss and holds dozens of colors and all my needles. Most of all, I love using it because it was made with love, and of course I just have a soft spot for anything vintage AND handmade at the same time.

What are your favorite craft tools? Let us know in the comments or on the Handmade Detroit Facebook page!