Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Is there a more comforting food out there than grilled cheese? For lunch or dinner, the warmth and gooeyness of a grilled cheese sandwich is one of my favorite meals to eat. But it doesn’t just need to be basic American…we love making more adult, gourmet versions in our home. Here’s some of our favorites!

Mozzerella, Basil and Pesto – Fresh mozzerella with basil leaves and pesto on italian bread. Serve with a creamy tomato soup for extra yum!

Smoked cheddar with Beef Brisket – A hearty sandwich with a lot of flavor – one of my very favorites.

Fontina with Horseradish Mustard – We especially love Horseradish Mustard from Stonewall Kitchen.

Habanero Smoked Cheddar – Serve with a little dipping salsa on the side (or in the sandwich)

Mantoro, Munster and Parsley – even better with fresh parsley just picked from the garden.

and our newest favorite – Bacon Cheddar, made with Bacon Cheddar Cheese from Pinconning, Michigan.

Do you have a favorite gourmet grilled cheese? Tell us about it in the comments!