A Little Room Re-Do

A little room remodel took place this week in our living room!

Inspiration started with the purchase of this amazing vintage couch – a find at the Royal Oak Garage Sale on my birthday last summer. 1970s, velvet, and ridiculously comfortable. Mirrors on the armrests?!? YES INDEED.

I made the pillows myself, out of the softest brushed cotton from the ’70s and a ’60s kaftan that was too tattered to wear, but salvageable for a new purpose.

But the real stars of the space are the artwork above! From left to right, top to bottom:

Deer String Art – Mannymade
Vintage Steve Martin 8 by 10 (Promo inside his “Wild and Crazy Guy” album)
Woodpecker – Charley Harper
Chevron, Wheat and Log Prints – All Things Grow
Detroit and Lake Huron Embroidery – My Marigold
Detroit Motto Print – Perfect Laughter
Vintage Horse Paint by Number
Detroit Landscape in Motown Records – Made by Me
Seattle – Matte Stephens
Vintage Downtown Berkley 8 by 10
Birds on a Wire – Charley Harper
Vintage Embroidery
Duck in the Leaves – Charley Harper (all of these Harpers were cropped out of calendars I’ve owned)
Dog – Berkley Illustration
Love Is A Fabric – Pinki Design

Dan plotted out and hung all the artwork, with the help of his trusty Black & Decker BullsEye, which is incredibly helpful with these kinds of projects in our home! We love this mini-collection even more all grouped together, and that there is plenty of room on all sides to add to over the years as our family and art collection grows.