2012 New Year’s Goals Revisited

- Be the best mom, wife and woman I can be

This is always a work in progress goal & always at the top of my list to remind me of my number one priority. I think this year I really kept this in focus, and will always strive to every year!

- Run a 5k in 30 minutes

Well, I didn’t get down to 30 minutes, but I did shave several minutes off my pace and was well on my way of accomplishing this by the end of the year, I think. But then I got pregnant, which I think excuses the goal (I am not one of those amazing women that can keep running pregnant. When I’m pregnant I can hardly climb a flight of stairs, slowly, without losing my breath).

- Get down to before-Roy weight. Eat healthy and get fit.

Happily accomplished! And now I get to do it all over again in a few months. Hopefully it is easier the second time around?

- Seriously, sew from the stash and get organized in the studio!

God no. I think I actually added more to the fabric stash than I used, though I did make a bunch of skirts, and a few pairs of pants for Roy. I just couldn’t pass up all this amazing vintage fabric that Justin gave me. Yes Justin, I’m blaming you. Stop finding incredible stuff for me! No, not really. Keep knocking me out with all your finds. Please.

- Increase shop traffic to 200 visits a day, blog subscribers to 125, Facebook fans to 500, Twitter followers to 1500, and Etsy sales to 200.

I didn’t hit these marks, but I came close on some and really close on others. The point of this goal is constant improvement in my writing, buying, marketing and interaction with my wonderful customers. I think with each year I learn and improve more, and hope that you see that too!

- Read three (adult) books

Yes! I read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Skinny Rules (which was what helped me achieve my weight loss goal) and Your Baby’s First Year. I’ve already gotten two more books that I can’t wait to read in 2013 too!

- Learn how to put a zipper in a skirt without having a breakdown

I took a really great class at Haberman Fabrics early in 2012, and re-learned zippers all over again. Hopefully I never forget that technique again!

- Find five albums released in 2012 that I really like

I did – In fact, I found seven! They were:
Lana Del Ray “Born to Die”
Fiona Apple “The Idler Wheel…”
Jack White “Blunderbuss”
Amanda Palmer “Theatre is Evil”
Ben Folds Five “The Sound of the Life and the Mind”
The Raveonettes “Observator”
Soulsavers “The Light the Dead See”

- Do the “30 Day Shred” for 30 days

Nope. I did try & got through 18 days before I injured myself. I decided to not aggravate it further, and never got back to it. Sorry Jillian.

- Go on one thrifting trip of all new-to-me stores

This was a really fun one for me. I drove out to Grand Rapids, MI to see the Jesus and Mary Chain perform, and wrapped a whole day of thrifting and yard sale hopping into it. I got some amazing stuff, including this 40 year old rocking horse for Roy, and had a really great time. Hopefully some day I get to do that trip again!

- Learn to embroider!

I finally learned to embroider thanks to my friend Anne from Indie Lovely. She was a great teacher, and I completed three embroidery projects this year, and can’t wait to do more in 2013!

Overall, I’m really happy with how many goals I completed, and everything I learned and experienced because of them! How did you do with your goals? Have you made your goals for 2013? Tell me all about it in the comments!