Detroit Urban Craft Fair Treasures

Wanna see what I got at Detroit Urban Craft Fair this year?!? Well, I can’t show you everything, because we bought A LOT of Christmas presents there & I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprises, but this is what we brought home for us!

An adorable bear from Enamor for Roy

So much art! The herringbone, whale, potted plant print and pyrex inspired tea towel are all from one of my favorite ladies – Marcy Davy at All Things Grow. Detroit is the Next Detroit embroidery by Amy of My Marigold. Lovely deer plaque by Mannymade, and chalkboard ornaments from Phantom Limb!

Thank you to Carrie from Claylab Detroit for this beautiful platter!

And the cutest coloring book from Cordial Kitten!

We also got, but not pictured, a skateboard from Geaux Meeshell and an air plant from The Foraging Florist. And did I mention a ton of Christmas presents (seriously, we got so many presents!).

If you want to shop from the DUCF vendors from home, check out all the vendors on the DUCF website!