Easy DIY Halloween Wreath

A few days ago I took a quick peek into the Target “cheapie bins” in the front of the store, and I was so excited to see styrofoam wreath rings for just $1! I had an easy project in mind right away – a Halloween wreath for our front door!

I picked up a couple skeins of some perfectly-Halloween-looking “Mambo” yarn from Martha Stewart Crafts and a spool of black ribbon at my local Joanne Store, grabbed a couple large safety pins out of my stash and that’s all I needed for this quick and easy wreath!

I began wrapping the yarn around the ring, tucking a couple inches of the tail underneath on the back.

Kept on wrapping, making sure it was tightly wound around the ring.

In just a couple minutes the ring was covered, and I safety pinned the end in place on the back.

All wrapped up!

Next I made a simple loop around the top of the wreath with a little bit of my black ribbon and trimmed the ends.

And concealed a safety pin on the back of the tie to use as a hanger on my door hook.

For less than $10 and in less than 10 minutes we had a spooky new Halloween wreath, and I love it!