Vintage Record Inspired Theremin Embroidery

Months ago I picked up this 1950s 10 inch record for $1 at my local record store. I was intrigued by the front cover, and really interested in hearing this theremin music (which was really awesome), but I wanted it even more for the incredible artwork on the back of the jacket!

Isn’t it great?!? I just love it, and had a perfect project in mind to adapt it for.

Since the artwork was mostly line drawing, it was easy to interpret into an embroidery design. I decided to simplify it more and keep the piece in black and white for this one, to mimic the record jacket.

I framed it in a 12″ frame made just for framing records, and couldn’t be happier with my 3rd embroidery project ever!

Are you an embroiderer too? What inspires your crafts?