Reware Vintage at the Royal Oak Antique and Garage Sale

I had a great time at the Royal Oak Antique and Garage Sale over the weekend! It was a fun (and really hot, whew!) couple of days, and I was really grateful to have some really cool neighbors and a bit of a breeze in my space.

Thanks to everyone who came out, and for all my birthday visitors (and presents)! There were also a number of shoppers from years past that came by and told me what they had in their collections from Reware, which always makes me all smiles. I even got to meet a couple of online friends for the first time in real life, which was exciting.

I sold a lot of items out of the shop, so there’ll be a lot of newness for summer and fall coming soon. Of course, I picked up a couple of things for myself, too.

This Levi Strauss denim backpack was a thrill to find! I already had a similar tote bag from their licensing binge in the ’70s. I didn’t even know there was also a backpack made, but now it is mine!

Oh, and this big gem…

now at home in our living room. Isn’t it incredible?