DIY – Spare Parts Chevron Necklace

Don’t you love it when you make yourself something new? For me, it is even better when the project costs me zero dollars. This weekend I made myself this metal chevron necklace out of spare hardware and jewelry parts I had in my workspace!

It all started when I framed my new Charley Harper print from the Michigan Modernism Preview Gala. I used a build-it-yourself framing kit from Michaels (sorry, couldn’t find it in their webstore to link), since the dimensions were a little odd and I couldn’t find a frame in the right size.

There were four of these metal brackets that were supposed to be used in the corners of the frame to tighten the fit, but I didn’t need to use them. Still, I thought they were a neat shape and didn’t want to throw them in the trash can. I laid them out in a line on my kitchen counter, and inspiration struck!

It didn’t need anything fancy, or a lot of time, either – my perfect kind of craft! All I used was the brackets, some jump rings and chain in a similar tone, a wax pencil, a ruler,  a couple pairs of jewelry pliers, my drill press and a metal file (not pictured here).

I used my ruler and wax pencil to draw straight lines across the pieces and mark where I needed my holes drilled on the front.

Then drilled my holes. I drilled with the front side up, so the burrs would be on the back. The metal was soft, but I did need to use a very small drill bit first, then make the holes larger with a bigger drill bit after.

Then used a rounded file to smooth out the burrs on the back of each piece.

Used my pliers to connect the Vs with large jump rings.

and added a simple, short chain. Note: Yep, I should have not drilled the very bottom pair of holes on the last V. If you make this yourself, remember that! Hey, everybody makes mistakes.

Free, easy and vintage inspired – I’m sure I’ll be wearing this a lot this summer!