Mommy Thrifting

Guest post written by Carey Gustafson. Carey has ones and fives burning a hole in her pocket right now in Ferndale, MI. See her other passion, working in stained glass, at her Etsy shop called Glass Action!



Thrifting, “picking”, all the rage now isn’t it?

Back in the 80′s, “Pretty In Pink” turned a generation of teens into thrifting maniacs. And obsessed with Grease 2, I begged my dad to wear one of his bowling shirts to school. What a weirdo!

It wasn’t until my twenties I really got into thrifting. Poking around for vintage concert tees and silly knick knacks, I soon found myself looking there first for leather jackets, all kinds of art, dish ware, furniture pieces and even display pieces for my craft shows.

These days I spend time kicking around the store with my 2 year old. With her in tow, and limits to her patience, I usually choose what I want to find and anything else is a lucky break.

In kids clothes, I love looking for either really new or like-new vintage pieces. Tots her size grow so fast they barely have time to wear their clothes so we find a lot of jeans, tops and tanks for summertime at a fraction of the price! In vintage, I love her in those soft 80′s and 90′s sweatshirts, some of which I’ve embroidered something special for her.

I also keep finding tap shoes! I have a few starter pairs in different sizes to see if she takes to them. At $3.13 it was worth the gamble!

Anyone else out there hooked on buying chairs? Again, transferring my shopping habits now to my daughters needs, I found these booster seats. She currently uses the tall wood chair for dinner time, pulled up to our family table. I sewed the seat cushion from vintage fabric and foam. She loves it and feels like a big girl climbing up and down. The brown booster seat reminded me of special occasions at fast food joints when I was little and had to get it. The floral patterned seat stays in my car, and was perfect to use at a friends house for dinner.

And we can’t forget Halloween! Thrifties are the perfect go-to for a kid costume. I know when Lucy is older she’ll pick her own outfits, or hopefully we’ll make them together, but for now I get to choose and since trumpeting like an Elephant was her first animal sound, it was no surprise this costume “found us”.