10,000 Maniacs Tour Shirt


This shirt became officially vintage (20 years old) this year, subscripted 1992. I don’t have a story about finding it in a thrift store or a fellow collector that I bought it from…I am the sole owner of this shirt. I bought it at the 10,000 Maniacs concert that I went to with my brother and a couple friends in the summer of 1993 at the Meadowbrook Music Theater. Or was it 1992? Oh god, I don’t remember. I remember who I went with, and even what I wore (a black velour sweatshirt, red tights and jean shorts with my Contempo Casuals giant cross, ha ha), but I cannot remember what year it was. Oh geez I am so old. I wish I never would have picked this shirt to talk about. Dan just reminded me that this means that I was in high school 20 years ago and now I feel ancient. Crap.

Also, the night I came home with this shirt (whenever that was), I discovered there was a hole under the arm where the seam wasn’t stitched right. In all these years I have never taken the 2 minutes I would need to sit down and fix that seam with my sewing machine. So not only am I old, I am also lazy.

This is the worst T shirt Tuesday post ever.

The Shirt: 10,000 Maniacs 1992 Tour Shirt

The Tag: Hanes Heavywight 100% cotton

Estimated Value: $30