Thank You!

The Baar Bazaar was a ton of fun! Thanks so much to all the vendors and shoppers who joined us for the evening and made it such a great night, and to our bands – Revoir, Jesse and the Gnome, and Adriana Nikole and her Holiday Ukulele for making the night special, and super thanks to my partner Phil for all his help and support! As always, a big thank you also to the Majestic Complex for hosting and supporting us!

I love that the Holiday Baar Bazaar is the last show of the year for Reware Vintage. It’s great for me to close the season up with the show that started it all for me nearly 7 years ago. That a number of vendors from all the way back then still sell and celebrate each year at BB gets me all mushy and sentimental, and that each year we always get a few newbie crafters and businesses that are excited to be selling at their first show kicks it all into gear even more. I hope everyone had a great time and will join us again in the new year!

As always, I really kind of forgot to take pictures most of the night. If you want to see what shots I did get, they are over here on Flickr. If you’ve got some, please email them to me and I’ll add to the set!