Detroit Urban Craft Fair

Every year at DUCF I am blown away by the awesomeness that is the Detroit community. This year was no exception. We had a record turnout of over 3500 people, and a room full of super talented artists and crafters + the people who love them.

The room in the Masonic was beautiful, and the vendors created some fantastic little boutiques inside their new, spacious spots. Chow Catering provided a delicious lunch, the DJs kept the party going + the traffic moving, the volunteers helped IMMENSELY, and the staff was fantastic.

It was the first time that Dan and I both had tables of our own (me with Reware, and Dan + Josh with Einfach Skate), and it was so much fun selling side by side!

We had a bunch of friends stop by – thanks guys, for all your support!

and sorry to anyone I didn’t have a chance to talk with! It was so busy!!!

It was such a fantastic weekend, and I feel so fortunate to have these gals as my friends and the great Mitten state as our home…and the Handmade Detroit family is gonna be getting bigger and bigger – Baby Duimstra will be here soon + and Lish and Nick got engaged as the doors opened at DUCF!!!

wanna see more pictures? Visit the set on Flickr!