Welcome Home – Our Living Room

I LOVE our living room! It is full of family items, vintage and handmade treasures and is a quiet little sanctuary to read in, or play with Roy. I am particularly proud of a lot of thrift finds in here, and the history behind so much of it.

I found this vintage white leather couch shortly after we moved in at a second hand store down the street, and loved it! It fit in with the rest of our furniture perfectly, and it also has a pull out bed built in for when we have guests stay over. I made the dashiki pillow years ago out of a torn vintage dress and the little plush pillow was a gift from my brother and sister-in-law. Our long coffee table I bought at the Salvation Army and painted myself, and that gorgeous forest on the wall is from the same Salvation Army. It is handmade, quilted and hand-stretched over it’s frame.

The chest is an antique – and the name on the plaque on the lid is my great uncle’s. He used this trunk when he moved to California in his early 20′s and it contained everything he owned when he went there. The fan looks vintage, but is actually new and was a wedding present.

This little coffee table I bought at a thrift store for just $20! We got the handmade lamp from kirkature at the Detroit Urban Craft Fair. When it is lit, it is just beautiful! I found the little teak birds at a junkyard for $1, and the candle was a gift from our dear friends Gen and Leif in Seattle.

Across from the couch sits a chair that my parents owned when we were kids. I’ve always loved this chair, it has such a cool shape! I was really glad to get it from my dad when we moved here and had room for it. The print above it  is a limited edition print celebrating the Detroit Zoo from the ’60s, I believe. All of the five ladies in the Handmade Detroit family have one, each a different scene from the zoo – a gift from Carey.

Our other artwork! The Detroit slogan print is from Perfect Laughter, hilarious animals from Berkley Illustration, the log and wheat are screenprints from All Things Grow, the tiny Lake Huron is from My Marigold and the duck in the middle is by Charley Harper. I can’t wait to add more to this cluster shopping some craft fairs this holiday season!

Our piano sits in the other corner, left to me by a great aunt and brought all the way up from her home in Florida. I’m embarrassed to say I hardly ever play it. Hopefully, Roy will learn some day and be better about playing it than me! Above the piano is a picture of my grandfather’s farm (whom Roy is named after), where I spent a lot of time in the summers as a kid. My mother’s picture looks up at her childhood home, and a couple of dried roses from my wedding bouquet sit in the middle. The caricatures of Dan and I were a wedding present from our friend, Rob. Aren’t they great?

This room has the best light in the house, so it is where nearly everything is shot for the site. My backdrop rolls up nicely over the doorway into our dining room, and drops down for quick shoots with a couple of extra lights!

And that’s our living room! Coming up next in the series will be Roy’s bedroom, which you can see a glimpse of up above – his teal room is a big contrast from the tonal browns of the living room. Can’t wait to show you it in a couple weeks!