Welcome to the New Reware Vintage!

Looking at our RSS feed or reading on Facebook? Get on over here and check this out!

Welcome to the new site! Take a look around – there’s a lot of big changes here! The blog and the shop are together now, practically holding hands here on the home page. Look down below – there’s our latest items in the Etsy shop, too! There are a bunch of new ways for you to shop now. Go up top to shop by department, size (the most requested change you asked for) and even by era through our new, smarter search bar – type in your favorite decade and see what we’ve got for you!

Be as specific as you want to be. All of our items are tagged, and easier to find by style, band, or subject. Love a certain genre? Type it in…and be more specific than rock – try New Wave or Punk! And if you are a regular to the site that was frustrated trying to figure out what new items there were, now you can see the last 12 items loaded in the shop on the front page!

Another popular request – you wanted a kid’s section! You’ll see that department grow more and more as your little ones do, too. There are more Rewares departments as well, as this new website has sparked the creative fire, and we’ve got SO many ideas to come!

Last but not least, we now have related items shown on each product page, so you know you aren’t missing out on anything – and to help with gift shopping for the holidays!

I hope you’ll like checking it out and exploring the new site. We’ve been working for this site for a very long time! We began discussing ideas for it nearly three years ago, writing notes and brainstorming everything we wanted. Dan started working on the final redesign over a year ago, based off of Josh Weston’s designs of our new logo and branding. The site has come together over months of late night writing and coding, after baby Roy went to sleep. I couldn’t be more excited to finally present it to you all!

I want to thank our friend,  Josh Weston, for designing our new branding, logos and all of the department icons. He is a brilliant designer, and we were lucky to have him inspire and work with us on this project. Another giant thank you goes out to all our friends who beta tested the site, letting us know what they liked, what needed a little more work, and how it all worked on their different browsers and phones. The biggest thank you goes out to my incredible husband, Dan, who spent countless hours working on it, answering my endless list of questions, and even pulled a few all-nighters (just like we were back in college again!) to make this all happen. I never could have imagined this site myself, but he did, and took a few ideas and a list of dream features and turned it all into internet magic. I married the most supportive and dedicated developer, who also just so happens to be an amazing husband and father, too! Thank you, Dan!!!

Finally, thanks to all of you – my customers and readers – who inspired this site and my work every day. You all make my dream of Reware Vintage a reality and a success, and our family can never thank you enough for supporting us and our passions. THANK YOU…now go explore and have fun!