T Shirt to Turban

I’m one of those girls that just needs to pull my hair back and out of my way when I have one of those days with a mile long to-do list. With a baby, even more so now! Turbans are great in the hot summer, and on a windy autumn day, but they are also useful to just get that hair “outta there” any time of the year.

Turbans are quick and easy to make out of any jersey or knit fabric that has stretch. Don’t have time to run to the fabric store? Use an old T shirt!

First, iron your T shirt to get all the wrinkles out of the fabric, and lay it flat on a cutting board.

Cut the hem off the bottom of the shirt, and cut a wide panel off – the width is up to you, based on how wide you want your turban. I like mine really wide, so I cut the material to ten inches wide.

The material is now a big circle – slice up the side, so that you have one long strip of fabric.

Fold your fabric (wrong side out)  in half, press with your iron while lining up the edges, and pin together. Stitch up the pinned side, with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Fold one end of your long tube of fabric down one inch, and press. Now turn your tube right side out, and press again, with the seam along the bottom edge.

Lay your tube out and twist the ends around each other. Wrap the ends back together and around the back.

Tuck the unfinished edge one inch into the edge that is folded under and pin into place.  Using a zig zag stitch, stitch the edges together. Line up the two layers on the back of your turban, and run another line of zig zag stitching down the dead center, stitching the two layers together.

Your crics-crossed knot is the top, stitched seam is the back. You are all done!

Now pull that hair back into a messy bun, put on your turban and get down to work!