Maker Faire Detroit

I was so happy to be a part of Maker Faire Detroit again this year! I was only able to be there (it was at the Henry Ford) on Sunday, and it was so busy I didn’t get to walk around at all…but it looked so cool on my way in and out! Next year I need to spend one day there selling, and one day seeing all there is to see.

I made a whole bunch of new record earrings for the weekend, including some new colors

and tried out something new, just for the DIY crowd at Maker Faire

Design Your Own Vintage Trading Card Notebooks!

I had a box full of all sorts of 80s and 90s trading cards – Music Super Stars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Duran Duran, New Kids on the Block, American Gladiators…and people could pick out their favorite and decide if they wanted it bound at the top or on the side, and then I made it on the spot in front of them!

It was so fun trying out something new, and it was a hit!

Dan and Roy stopped by for a bit (Roy’s first craft show!), I got to see a bunch of friends and crafty peeps, and I loved hanging out with Carey all day manning all the Handmade Detroit wares. And I even treated myself to the most amazing bag from Aisle 3. It was a great return back to shows after so much time off this year! Now I’m gearing up for DIYpsi next weekend and can’t wait!