Royal Oak Antique and Garage Sale

The Royal Oak Antique and Garage Sale is always one of my favorite weekends of the year – has been ever since I was in high school! My brother and I would go every year to shop, and lucky me – it is always the weekend after my birthday, so I always had birthday money to shop with! When Reware Vintage launched, I started enjoying the sale both as a vendor and a customer.

This year I was just a shopper, though, and Roy joined me! It was a little difficult navigating a stroller around the packed spaces, but we managed, and got some real scores!

Some of the sights:

Cool old radios

Mid-century modern heaven

You can always find a gorgeous vintage accordian

Super cute sweater clip!

Hey, we have that table on the right at home! I had no idea there was a matching sister…now I need to look for that next. (this set here was literally 10 times what I paid for our table at a thrift store).

What I got from the sale:

This super cute necklace

another tassle necklace, vintage bobby pins still on the original card, and a Waylon Jennings pin.

WWWW used to be the country music station years and years ago in Detroit – I have my moms WWWWillie pin from Willie Nelson’s tour date in the early ’80s. I thought it was so cool to see a Waylon one was made too!

This crazy ’60s dress (which I wore right away with my new Blowfish sandals!)

and my favorite find of the weekend…

this vintage toddler-sized shell chair. Isn’t it awesome?!? It looks so cute in Roy’s room!

Did anyone else check out the sale this year? What did you score?