Mix Tape!

What I’ll be working on the next few nights in front of the TV

Totally Loving: Brainstorming ideas for this year’s DUCF and Craft Faire, the new tripod and lighting Dan got me for my birthday, Roy’s birth announcements that just came in the mail – they turned out so cool!, my new Blowfish shoes.

Happily Discovered: The new Michael’s store Iphone app – crafty coupons on my phone, yay!

Using Every Day: Goody Spin Pins – It has been crazy hot here in Michigan, and luckily I discovered the genius of the spin pin last week…and have worn my hair up nearly every day since. I am AWFUL at being a girl and knowing how to do anything with my hair, and I can now do a bun in a minute flat with these. I love the spin pin so much I wanna marry it.

Been Pondering: Reading Christy Nelson’s Copying Controversies post got me thinking even more about the creative line of copying – and when that line is being crossed.