Welcome Home – Our Bedroom

So many people have asked to see pictures of our new home since we’ve moved, and I’ve been waiting because we’re still putting rooms together, unpacking and slowly decorating even a few months later. But then I realized today that it was literally years before we were totally settled in and done remodeling our last home, and it could totally be the same way here in this house, so why not start showing you now?

So here’s the first in a new blog series about our house – Welcome Home! I thought I’d start off with our master bedroom…

The room was already painted this bold red when we moved in, and we loved it and decided to keep it. It already worked great with our Ikea bedding (except that crazy pillow on the bed is my Bobby body pillow – a present from Dan that I love), and I bought grey and white linen curtains to match.

This master has two huge, awesome bonuses – a master bath, and a walk in closet (I’ll show you these later)! I was SO excited about both when we first looked at the house.

The room was an addition onto the back of the home, and I love the vaulted ceilings…still haven’t made up my mind on all the crown molding, though. I also love the light in here from the two large windows and giant bay window looking out onto the backyard.

Our bedroom set is 1950s, and my favorite shade of blonde. I bought both dressers, the nightstands, and two bookshelves all at one estate sale years ago. It was a rather tricky sale to get to, in a small neighborhood near a private lake, off a dirt road. It was run by one of my fav local estate sale ladies (she now has a show called Cash and Cari,…haven’t watched it yet myself) and the weird location meant I got everything for an awesome deal.

On top of my dresser, one of my many trinket boxes. This one I decoupaged myself years ago with the pages and cover of a pulp fiction book I got at John King Books, Michigan’s largest used book store.

Of course, I made the dogs’ giant bed, too, and of course, it’s vintage fabric. I found this remnant of a bolt in a thrift shop for just $3, and it is super tough and durable upholstery fabric – perfect for two labs.

The only thing missing? Art on the walls! Nothing we have really goes with this bold color scheme, so I’m on the hunt for some cool new stuff to hang.

And that’s our bedroom! Hope you liked the tour, and I’ll show you more of our home soon!