Quench Essentials

Picture by Tafari Stevenson-Howard

Most of you know that the majority of the clothing, furniture, gifts, decor, nearly everything Dan and I buy is either vintage or handmade in our home. Nothing compares to a 30 year old, soft as butter T shirt, just like nothing compares to a hand knit, one of a kind sweater. I’m in love with our ’60s blonde bedroom set, and even more so with our handmade quilted forest scene hanging above our bed.

It’s undeniable that handmade items are completely different from driving down to Wal-mart and buying throw-away items that will not stand the test of time. Quality is just one reason I love handmade so much, though. The other is getting to know the person, not a machine or a factory or a team, who makes this new item you use.

My friend Tafari makes the most obscenely awesome body mousse I’ve ever used (and also happens to be an incredible photographer!). And we became friends because of what he makes. He has been a vendor at the Baar Bazaar for years now, and I’ve seen him in action selling a ton of his products, and being himself – outgoing, hilarious, and supportive of everyone around him at show after show after show. When I bought my first pot, I wrote him the very next day telling him how much I loved it. The mousse melts like whipped butter right into your skin, and leaves it silky smooth all day, but not greasy at all. In the winter, my skin gets so rough and dry, but this mousse brings it back from the brink like nothing else.

Now I love it even more now that I’ve got a preggo-belly. No stretch marks to be seen, and my skin doesn’t feel dry, tight or itchy like some of my friends have complained to me. The list of ingredients is free of alcohols and names you can’t pronounce, too – just a mix of water and different natural butters, oils and waxes, and a light scent. And now it comes is an awesome new flavor – Honey Baby. When Tafari posted that he was making it on Twitter, I jumped on it right away. I love my Orchid scent, but I am a total sucker for anything sweet or food scented. Honey Baby is delicious, and now I’m not even wearing perfume most days, because I just want to smell like honey!

So if you are looking for a new moisturizer, this one comes super highly recommended from me. And if you are looking for a new moisturizer handmade by a family man who is an artist in many ways and also an incredibly nice, down-to-earth and all around awesome guy, then this is it, right here. Buy it at QuenchEssentials.net!

I was not compensated at all for writing about Quench Essentials. I just love it, and wanted to pass the word along to you, cause I think you’d love it too.