Detroit Urban Craft Fair Finds

My scores from Detroit Urban Craft Fair! First, I had to the get the limited edition Chris Gorski (of Detroit GT) designed DUCF 5 T shirt for myself. The Spirit of Detroit all crafted out? Genius! Handmade Detroit also got baby and toddler tees printed for the first time ever – baby Nixon will be crafty and showing it off right away! The body mousse is from Quench Essentials, who wasn’t a vendor, but IS my friend Tafari who came by to shop and drop a jar off for me – this is the best stuff, and I needed another tub! Thanks Tafari!

This adorable little cupcake stamp is by Frizzelstix – a vendor I was so happy to see back after falling in love with their designs at the first DUCF! I’ll be on their Etsy page when it’s time to decorate the nursery for sure – her prints and fabric are so cute!

This tiny brooch is by Blackened Ruby Jewelry – so pretty!

This adorable baby bird rattle was a gift from lovely Ashley of Butter Bean, isn’t it cute?  And Regina of Chain Chain Chained made this necklace for me on the spot after I asked about it – I’d seen it in her Etsy shop and had loved it. Reminds me of Rosemary’s Baby!


And this awesome DUCF 5 poster (which I’m trying to un-curl with my coffee mugs) was designed and printed by Pinky Blaster. I love the wood grain design – wood is the gift you give for a five year anniversary!

Of course, I did a lot of Christmas shopping for friends and family too, but I can’t show that off and ruin the surprise for them!