Holiday Baar Bazaar 2010!

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It’s the five year anniversary of the Holiday Baar Bazaar! Originally just a handful of vendors selling in the Garden Bowl for a summer, the Baar Bazaar has grown and evolved over the years, has been a stepping stone for hundreds of businesses, designers and vendors in Michigan, and has inspired many others to organize lots of similar shows.

This year’s Holiday Baar Bazaar is going to be a birthday treat for everyone -  The Majestic Theater will be host to 30+ vendors on Friday, December 17th from 8pm-2am. We are very excited to have  some very special bands (TBA)  playing while you shop!  As always, admission is free, doors open at 8pm, and this is an all ages event. Shoppers can drink, watch a free show and shop til 2:00 am!

Come the 2010 Holiday Baar Bazaar for locally made items and unique vintage items from Michigan based businesses! Our vendors this year are:

  • Reware
    Vintage Clothing and Accessories, Posters, Record Notebooks and Jewelry
  • Phil Childers
    Records/CDs, Toys, and Collectibles
  • Dead Format ProjectDead Format Project on Facebook
    CDs and Records
  • Detroit
    Hand screened, original design, Detroit-themed shirts, accessories, and baby stuff + denim jackets.
  • Blackenedruby
    Cameo brooches, earrings and necklaces, new glass pendants
  • DelphineDelphine on Facebook
    Handmade, one of a kind jewelery, stationary, mixed media art, and vintage clothing & accessories.
  • 48 Days in Harajuku,
    Artistic T-shirts, eco-bags, prints, books
  • The Knifey Moloko
    Vintage Toys and Collectibles
  • Chris Ringler and Amanda
    Vintage Movie Posters, Self Published Books, Art, T Shirts, Movies and Free Tarot Card Readings
    Vintage inspired accessories and jewelry made from vintage supplies
  • Courtney Wethy
    Sewn fabric bags, hand painted skulls and small painted plush monsters
  • Kristine and Andy Hahn – Beautiful Mourning &
    Vintage records, handmade soap, scented glitter ornaments, foodie  jewelry
  • Real Treasures
    Real gemstones with sterling silver, specializing in Tibetan silver or Hill Tribe silver, turquoise, coral and jade.
  • Color Me
    Stuffed animals and key chains created using Eco-Friendly felt
  • Zombies By DesignMyspace Page
    Goth & punk  Accessories – Eye patches, necklaces, bracelets, rings, tote bags, hair bows/clips, and mini top hats.
  • Shionne
    pop culture icon jewelry, mixed media assemblage art
  • Random Noise
    New recycled t-shirt items – t-shirts backpacks, checkbook covers, sunglasses pouches, earrings
  • See the Invisible PhotographySee The Invisible on Facebook
    Framed travel and pin-up photography, buttons, stickers and Christmas ornaments. Used clothes, jewelry and books
  • Joya BicicletaJoya Bicicleta on Facebook
    Handmade jewelry created from recycled bicycle parts
  • Katy Sullivan & Anna
    Original artwork and comic books, vintage clothes, hand sewn bookcovers and wallets.
  • Bem &
    Handmade bibs, screened infant + toddler detroit tees and vintage + select childrenswear
  • Glass Action! -
    Stained glass Michigan necklaces
  • My Vintage Kitschen
    Appliqued towel sets, kitschy kitchen goods
  • Courtney Fischer
    Handmade jewelry using new, found, and vintage metal.
  • Art of Emi
    sculpted monster and mutant art
  • Frans Classic Vintage -
    Vintage leather bags, boots and belts
  • /
    bright and bold cosmetics, food-shaped soaps and sweet perfumes
  • Defend Detroit -
    Original artwork T shirts, hoodies and hats
  • Katie Beckman
    Beer bottle cap earrings
  • Chad Hansen
    Records and CDs
  • Pretty Little Things –
    Handmade Hair Accessories and Jewelry

Don’t miss it!!!