Royal Oak Garage Sale

Once again, we had a great time at the Royal Oak Antique and Garage Sale! I got to meet some internet friends in real life, visit with my family and buds, talk with fellow vintage sellers, and see a bunch of my regulars from past shows!

It was an exhausting, great time. Oh yeah, and we sold a TON of stuff.

The Booth

The Gang

The Threat

Dan kept joking that he was going to put this sign out when I wasn’t looking.

The Royal Oak Antique and Garage Sale always has a lot of vendors selling stuff you don’t want – sham wows, cheesy printed blankets, crystal nail files, Tupperware, bootleg and random DVDs (like the vendor next to us)….but also always has hidden gems that make it all worthwhile. I picked up one more piece of the vintage polka dot Pyrex I’ve been hunting down over the years (now I’m only missing one bowl!), a 1950′s Girl Scout troop leader dress, a cool skeleton key to wear as a necklace, and a 70′s T shirt – all for less than $25 dollars.

As usual, I totally forgot to take pictures with most everyone who came by to visit…but I did remember to ask Dan to shoot a video! Why yes, I do have mad skills folding T shirts (years of working in the mall when I was younger all paid off).

Beth Folds Under Pressure from Bethany Nixon on Vimeo.