Baar Bazaar!!!

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This year marks the five year anniversary of the Baar Bazaar!  Originally just a handful of vendors selling in the Garden Bowl for a summer, the Baar Bazaar has grown and evolved over the years, has been a stepping stone for hundreds of businesses, designers and vendors in Michigan, and has inspired many others to organize lots of similar shows.

To celebrate the past five years, we are doubling the size of the Summer Baar Bazaar! The Majestic Theater will be host to 30+ vendors on Saturday, July 10th, from 8pm-2am. We are very excited to have Eleanora and Mod Orange playing while you shop! Please, no presents necessary -  just have a drink with us and get yourself something there instead!  As always, admission is free, doors open at 8pm, and this is an all ages event. Shoppers can drink, watch a free show and shop til 2:00 am!

Come the 2010 Summer Baar Bazaar for locally made items and unique vintage items from Michigan based businesses! Our vendors this year are:

  • Reware
    Vintage Clothing and Accessories, Record Notebooks and Jewelry
  • Phil Childers
    Records/CDs, Toys, and Collectibles
  • Detroit
    Detroit and Automotive Apparel for Men, Women and Kids
  • From J.Loo To
    Purses, Wristlets, Pouches, Jewelry, Paintings, and Hand Embroidered Pieces
  • Amy Cronkite
    Vintage Craft Supplies
  • Lish Dorset
    Vintage Pyrex and Kitchen Kitsch
  • 48 Days in Harajuku,
    Artistic Prints, Buttons and T-shirts
  • The Knifey Moloko
    Vintage Toys and Collectibles
  • Chris Ringler and Amanda
    Vintage Movie Posters, Self Published Books, Art, and Tarot Card Readings
  • Paper a la Mode
    Handmade Buttons, Magnets and Compacts
  • Courtney Wethy
    Handmade Bags and Accessories and Creepy Home Decor
  • Kristine and Andy
    Foodie Jewelry and Vintage Records
  • Jason
    Vintage Inspired Handmade Accessories and Jewelry, Vintage Crafting Supplies
  • Boh Bon Soap
    All Natural, Handmade Soap
  • Unique Jewelry by
    Handmade Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets, and Anklets.
  • Random Noise
    Recycled T shirt Backpacks
  • Woolly Mammoth
    Monster Coin Purses, Owl, Seahorse and Squid Plushies and Handmade Headbands and Wallets
  • Greetings From
    Crafty Souvenirs from our City – Buttons, Bags, T-shirts, Books, Postcards and Posters
  • Double Nerd Score
    Scrabble Tile Earrings
  • Sloe Gin
    Giclee Art Prints, Notecards and Handmade Notepads featuring Quirky Illustrations.
  • White Lily Jewelry -
    Handmade Jewelry
  • Deets-
    Small Sculptures using Candlesticks, Hardware, and lots of Electron Tubes.
  • The Funky
    Handmade, Up-cycled Button Jewelry, Hand-Painted Onesies, Small Canvas Art and Vases.
  • Butter Bean
    Handmade Baby items and Cat & Dog Toys
  • Eric Lillieberg
    art and toy books, designer toys, DVD’s
    Prints, Notebooks, Beer Hang Tags and Mix CD Kits – Hand Screenprinted and Letterpress
  • Barrel of Monkeys -
    Pinback Buttons and Button Accessories using Original Illustrations and Designs
  • Spaz Empire –
    Hand Screen Printed T Shirts
  • Lucy Lune-
    Semi Precious Stone Jewelry
  • Pretty Little Things –
    Handmade Hair Accessories and Jewelry

Don’t miss it!!!