The past few weeks, and especially this week I’ve been in the mood to craft, and craft a lot! I’ve made a bunch of new record sleeve cards (they’ll be available on the site soon!), pouches, new gift tags, record notebooks, and more record earrings! I even made Peanut Butter cupcakes last night from February’s Martha Stewart Living magazine and *they are amazing* !

Partly, I’m inspired by the new Handmade Detroit craft show, Craft Revival, we’ve been planning, partly I’m just excited to have the time to be creative lately. I’m having fun diving into my piles of craft and sewing stashes to see what I can find, and in trying and making new things!

I’ve also had a number of requests lately from customers asking for specific albums and artists for record notebooks! I love getting requests, because sometimes it’s for an artist I normally wouldn’t think to make or don’t think there is much interest out there for it. It helps me realize what you are looking for, and what I should be looking for when I’m hunting for goodies for the site!

So, please let me know if you’d like to see me make something specific! Whether it is a specific record notebook, a color of record earrings, or a certain type of pouch you have in mind, I’d love to know! Would you like to applique a certain something on a skirt, shirt or bag? Let me know! I also always appreciate your feedback on new crafts you’d like to see, or vintage clothing you’re looking for!

You can always email me at with your ideas, or feel free to leave a comment instead if you’d like! Thanks everyone!!!