Baar Bazaar

Well, today is Janna’s last day bartending at the Garden Bowl, and while we are excited for her to start her new career, she will be missed at the Baar Bazaar every Wednesday!

The Baar Bazaar was created by Janna two years ago, and through the Baar Bazaar she impacted and opened up opportunites for many Metro-Detroiters, including Reware Vintage! We owe Janna a debt of gratitude (and many many drinks) for all of the doors opened and friends made because of the Baar Bazaar. The event will still be going on without her, and she is excited now to sell there herself on occasion!

Who will be her successor as the Wednesday night bartender? That’d be me ,Bethany! I began bartending in the complex in February, and I am very excited to now be on the other side of the bar on Wednesday nights!

This does mean that Reware Vintage may not be selling every week now at the Baar Bazaar. Some weeks we may be handing off a few choice items to another vendor to watch and sell for us, some weeks we may not bring anything, and other times Dan will be setting up shop for the night. We will always bring anything requested for pick up by a customer, or if someone just wants to see something in person that they liked on the site. And custom record notebook orders are always welcome, too.

If anyone is interested in more info about the Baar Bazaar, or if you’d like to be a vendor, send us an email!

Thanks again and always, Janna! We love you!!!!

See you at the Baar Bazaar!