Reware Vintage at DIYpsi This Weekend!

I’m stoked to have Reware Vintage back at the DIYpsi Summer Festival this weekend! I’ll be one of 75 people selling handmade & vintage, and it is a great mix of vendors & of bands playing too. I’ll be outside in my own tent with deals on what’s left of summer clothes, and tons of new T shirts and apparel for fall, along with some surprises from me – and I know Justin will have some crazy stuff as well.

Hope to see you there!

Mix Tape July

At the Moment:
July was a fun month – we celebrating Dan’s Birthday & my birthday, went to a couple concerts, and the kids and I had a few “field trips” as they call them. It was the best timing ever – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which happens to be a favorite of mine (especially after Ferris Fest) was showing on my birthday, so i went with a few friends and saw it for the second time on the big screen at the Redford Theatre. It was awesome! We also visited the Air Zoo in Kalamazoo and the Red Oaks Water Park for the first time, both of which were great times.

I had an awesome weekend selling my handmade notebooks and jewelry at Mo Pop Festival last weekend, and debuting a few new items there that aren’t yet on the internets…soon, though! Otherwise, I’ve just been gearing up for fall with the shop & can’t wait.

I treated myself to a new binding machine this month, and I’m in love with it – made a ton of new notebooks to celebrate! Most sold at Mo Pop Festival, but the ones that didn’t will be going in the shop in August.

Listening to:
The new albums by Lana Del Rey, Drew Beskin, Waxahatchee and Katy Perry and also MIA, Kendrick Lamar, The Dandy Warhols, and Solange. I also got to see Violent Femmes & Echo and the Bunnymen live, and listen to everyone at the Mo Pop festival from the Craft Bazaar tent where I was selling stuff that weekend, which was pretty awesome.

Della’s fav song of the month (because she is a music obsessed kid): Chained to the Rhythm by Katy Perry. Can’t say I blame her – I think that may be her best song ever.
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Reware Vintage – Back at Mo Pop Festival This Weekend!

I can’t wait to be back at the Mo Pop Festival in Detroit this weekend! I’m just one of the twenty makers in the Craft Bazaar tent, curated by Handmade Detroit, and it is one killer line up of crafters! I’ll be bringing a bunch of new notebooks, plus jewelry made from vintage records and things – lots of them are not even yet available in the shop. AND I’m debuting a secret project I’ve been working on with a friend!

If you are coming down to Mo Pop, find me in front-ish part of the Craft Bazaar tent. It’s a giant tent and a nice & shady place to cool off and treat yourself to a new handmade treasure in between bands.

Summer is Half Over?!?

How is summer half over? I know it is true but I don’t want to believe it.

That’s why I’m still putting great new summer clothes in the shop. Tank tops, skirts, dresses and of course T shirts! There’s still lots more to come the next few weeks to help you finish your summer strong & looking great.

I am thinking fall too, though! I’m shooting pictures of new vintage pants, jackets, bags, sweatshirts and cardigans…and yes, more T shirts too to go in the shop (some have already hit).

Stay tuned & excited – there’s lots more to come!

Reware Vintage at Vintage in the Zoo!

I’m very excited to be setting up shop for a day at the first ever Vintage in the Zoo in Kalamazoo, Michigan this Sunday,July 16th! I’ll be there with stacks of T shirts, a rack of summer clothes and whatever else I can fit in the Reware Mobile (my SUV).

If you live in or near Kalamazoo, stop by & shop with me and dozens of other vintage sellers in person at the Kalamazoo Farmers Market from 11-3. More info on the Vintage in the Zoo website.

Hope to meet you there!

What We Kept This Summer (So Far)

A couple house calls, a thrift trip and a few lucky garage sales lately all added up to some great finds for the shop for the summer & fall collections…and also a few finds for our family!

First up – 1970s & 1980s stripes for me!

And this 80s leopard maxi skirt. I love this print, and it has pockets!
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Mix Tape June

At the Moment:
June started with a bang – Roy’s Jurassic Park birthday party! We rented a bounce house and he & his friends had a total blast. School is officially out for summer so we are enjoying more time together and working out our new schedules for work, sleep and play. We went to the beach, went strawberry picking and kite flying. I got to go camping with my BFF right by Lake Huron with a historic lighthouse right near us, and the whole trip was SO GREAT and relaxing. Dan and I saw two concerts – Nick Cave and Chastity Belt with Sneaks. Both shows were just completely awesome. I also saw New Kids on the Block with Paula Abdul and Boyz II Men with Monica, and yes I realize that those 3 tours are just on complete opposite ends of the music spectrum and I don’t mind at all.

As for Reware Vintage, I got to sell at Vintage Street Market in Grand Rapids in June – a favorite show of mine, and go on a mini buying trip and house call + added bonus “live thrift” for a day! I hadn’t gone on an out of town buying trip in well over a year (thank you everyone who has scheduled house calls so I haven’t needed to hunt!) so that was a ton of fun. I also have 2 new stores that are now carrying my handmade notebooks this month – Detroit Mercantile in Eastern Market & Brick and Mortar General Store in Ypsilanti!

I finished another knit hat which ended up too big for Roy but fits me great, so now it is mine lol. I made a bunch of new jewelry from vintage finds for the Mo Pop Festival, which I really love. Also, I’ve been working on a secret new project with a friend – debuting soon!

Listening to:
The new albums by Roger Waters and Rancid, and also Dolly Parton, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Lana Del Ray, Fugazi, Jack White, Beach House, The Bird and the Bee, The Roots, Ben Folds Five, The Cure, They Might Be Giants, Crass, Sloan, and Iggy Pop.

Della’s fav song of the month (because she is a music obsessed kid): “Free Fallin’” by Stevie Nicks. She loves Tom Petty and loves Stevie Nicks. This cover is the perfect combination for Del!
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Family Style: Nick Cave Date Night

In case you can’t tell by my smile in this picture, I was beyond excited to see Nick Cave a few nights ago in Detroit at the Masonic Temple. If you haven’t seen him in concert yet, you really should – he performed for over 2 hours and is one of the most charismatic musicians I’ve ever seen (this is the second time I’ve seen him now). I was in awe watching him & the Bad Seeds, total awe.

My night out was so fun, made even better by what I was wearing…and what I wasn’t – a purse! This vintage dress I wore actually has a sewn-on little fanny pack, so no purse necessary! I also got to wear my favorite pair of vintage Dr Martens, and a leather choker gifted to me, both from the 90s.

I forgot to get a picture of Dan, or the kids before we left, so it’s not so much a “Family Style”, but I still wanted to show and tell. Here’s the deets:

Vintage 80s mini-dress with fanny packKitten Surprise at Vintage Garage Chicago
Vintage 90s Leather Choker – gift from a friend in the 90s (yes, I’ve kept it that long)
Vintage 90s Andy Warhol Dr. Martens – Baar Bazaar inside the Garden Bowl in Detroit, about 10 years ago

Mix Tape May

At the Moment:
It’s been pretty busy around here…hence this post is a couple days late! What have we been up to? Well, our family took a trip to Chicago – It was Roy & Della’s first time there, and they had a total blast. A post coming on that soon! Also – Dan and I ran our races in Grand Rapids that we had been training hard for – Dan a 25k and Me a 10k – and I’m happy to report that we both beat our goal times! Della had her first race too, her preschool’s Laps for Leukemia run, and she just had her last day of school yesterday. Roy’s about to celebrate his birthday & we are getting ready for his big party too. Whew!

Reware Vintage is gearing up for summer season – I’ve been busy taking tons of pictures of new summer clothes and T shirts, and getting ready for some summer shows coming up – Vintage Street Market in Grand Rapids, and Mo Pop Festival in Detroit. There’s been lots of new stuff added to the shop lately, clothing and deadstock snapback caps and even new Record Necklaces. A lot of it sold out the same day it went up! I’m so glad it’s all been a hit & stay tuned…there is more on the way! Did you catch the big New Kids on the Block collection that went up in the shop this month too? If you are going to see them this summer, you should totally check it out and get something to wear to the show!

Ha ha…so much! For the shop mostly. I did a little watercolor painting with the kids & some knitting too. Got lots of making plans for June, and looking forward to it.

Listening to:
Protomartyr, Amanda Palmer, Katy Perry, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Raveonettes, Nancy Sinatra, Willie Nelson, Sneaks, Sleater-Kinney, The Monkees, Albert Hammond Jr, Operation Ivy, and The Redwalls.

Della’s fav song of the month:
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Wearing Vintage on Vacation

Recently, Dan and I took a trip to Playa Del Carmen which was one of the best weeks ever. We escaped the cold Michigan weather and our responsibilities for five days, and had a fantastic time enjoying the sunshine, beach, pool and a lot of margaritas.

I was happy to pull out some of my favorite vintage summer clothes a few months early, and wear them on the trip. Here’s a few outfits I wore…

You know clothes that are decades old can be so comfortable for flying…that’s why I wore a 90s mock turtleneck tank layered with a cardigan for our flights there. I was cozy in Detroit, and cool in Mexico when we arrived.

I was so happy to finally got to wear this 1970s hooded tank that I bought in a collection over the winter. Perfect for a windy morning on the beach as we watched the sunrise (this picture was on the walk back to our room after).
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