What We Kept

I know, I know…you aren’t supposed to buy things for yourself right before Christmas, right? This doesn’t apply because it is thrifted though. I mean, what are the chances anyone was going to find any of this for us?

This spider plant mirror is gonna be so great in my workspace!

One of the best/worst books ever written

Vintage. Bowling. Shoes.

Vintage Healthtex and Strawberry Shortcake for Della! I actually had that Apple Dumpling doll as a kid too, so it is an extra special find.

Orange tab Levis jacket for Roy

The most beautiful teak salad set!

Thanks for a Great DUCF!

picture by Doug Coombe

So…Detroit Urban Craft Fair was incredible. INCREDIBLE.

Thanks to SO many people who helped us – Amy wrote a fantastic thank you to you all and I couldn’t have said it better myself, so I’ll just link to hers on the Handmade Detroit site, and tell you all one more time that YOU ALL ROCK!

Thanks also to the 8,000 people who came to shop and support the local artists, crafters and makers. It was record-breaking attendance, and we couldn’t have been happier to have you all come to this celebration of creativity!

Thanks to this year’s and all past vendors! You all dazzle me with your genius. Plus, I got some REALLY cool shopping done (not gonna lie, mostly for myself).

picture by Doug Coombe

Lastly, thanks to Amy, Carey, Lish and Stephanie for becoming my friend years ago and bringing me into this amazing community. I am so happy to be a part of it and part of the Handmade Detroit family!

I was just thrilled by my weekend selling, too! You guys really liked all my new stuff, and cleaned my shop out – dang! I’ll be sending some of what is left to the stores that carry my crafts and putting the last of it up in the shop over the next couple of weeks.

Oh, and here’s what I got! First, the traditional new print from Marcy at All Things Grow (we have 12 now), and a pennant from Warpaint Studio.
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A Big Reveal!

I am so excited to show my most favorite new line for Reware Vintage!

Existing in my head for years, I finally began working on this secret project almost a year ago now. Each piece is cut from a vintage album cover, hand punched and embroidered, then placed in a vintage frame – so each is a one of a kind!

These and many more will be available for the first time to shoppers at the Detroit Urban Craft Fair this weekend, and what is left after the weekend will be available here on the site soon after.

These are just a handful of my favorites! It was hard to pick what to even show here, there is a lot of variety to choose from – comedy to country, R&B to movie soundtracks.

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Mix Tape November

At the Moment:

Roy is pumped for Xmas, and telling us that Santa will be bringing him Batman Duplos, because he saw one commercial weeks ago and is now obsessed. Della is singing constantly every day, mostly Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, except she doesn’t know how to saw the words so it is gibberish that somewhat resembles the words but is dead on for the melody, and is extra adorable.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair is just days away and I am MEGA excited because a) I finally get to see people physically looking at stuff I’ve had hidden in my head and studio all year. I really really really can’t wait for this! and b) I will soon be seeing many of my friends who I’ve been missing like crazy. Oh man, this is gonna be awesome.

I am winning at Christmas this year. It’s true. DUCF is a week away, and I’m pretty much ready. And we’ve already gotten our Christmas tree. We are starting to decorate. I’ve finished a bunch of Xmas shopping already. This is a first, and I am so very happy to be slowing down and enjoying the holiday season more this year with Dan & the kids!

Creative bingeing over here! I made nearly 100 notebooks, big batches of Zuppa Tuscana soup & chili, more infinity scarves, Record Christmas ornaments, and even got to try a couple new recipes. Also bought a gross amount of fabric for holiday gift projects!
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New For the Holidays (Or Yourself, I Won’t Tell)

I’ve been busy over here making lots of new stuff for your holiday gift list this year! If you know someone that loves gardening, crafting, vintage yearbooks or even medical diagrams we’ve got a great new notebooks for you to explore.

For those of you dealing with a cold winter already, there are some new infinity scarves in the shop too! Each is made with vintage fabric in VERY limited quantities (like one or two for most) and we even have a couple matching scarves in kiddo sizes too – perfect for a mommy & me set to give!

Get a jump on holiday shopping today and get free shipping on orders over $25 – today only (Friday, Nov 21) – with coupon code NOTBLACKFRIDAY (US orders only). And come back again next week for even more new item premieres too!

Mad Crafting Going on Here

There’s some crazy long hours of making going on here for the last few weeks, getting all sorts of new awesomeness made for the shop and for Detroit Urban Craft Fair. Stay tuned – next week all sorts of gifts will be popping up on the site, great for everyone on your list!

Mix Tape October

At the Moment:
October is when things start going berserk here. Halloween & Holiday Prep for family and Reware and Detroit Urban Craft Fair. Remodeling details. Late nights working for both of us. Overly scheduled weekends. It is both crazy fun and overwhelmingly busy. I won’t lie though, I love it! I am truly, truly weird.

Della is absorbing so much and knows so many words. She doesn’t say many of them other than “yeah” or “no” most of the day though. Like a tiny Silent Bob, she just takes it all in and lets her loud brother talk for her most of the time, other than laughing all day. Roy is loving school and is so stoked for Halloween. He is going to be Jake from the Neverland Pirates, and he is pretty dang adorable in that tissue thin costume that I didn’t make myself (but I did make Della’s fox costume!).

I ran another 5K in October, my first since my crazy knee injury earlier this year – and it felt great. Unfortunately, Dan’s old injury came back to haunt him and he wasn’t able to run the marathon he has been training months for – a major bummer. But we will rebuild him. He will be stronger, better, faster – and he’ll run that marathon next year!

Thanks to everyone who ordered Record Notebooks after my big announcement earlier this week! Thanks for all the reposts and encouragement, too. Feeling super gracious and excited now!

Making: Over 100 new pairs of record earrings, plus lots of other new jewelry for the shop coming soon & even a few new baubles for me. I also made Della’s Halloween costume (from a vintage shirt!) and some Halloween decorations with Roy.
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Ch Ch Ch Changes (The Post Where I Announce I Will Stop Making Record Notebooks)

The final two. You can’t have them, they are mine.

It’s a really difficult and wonderful thing that I can finally announce:

I made my last batch of Record Notebooks earlier this year, and I have no plans to make them ever again.

I have happily & proudly made nearly 3,000 Record Notebooks over 9 years, but have for a (long) while been having all sorts of other ideas swimming in my head that I just could never make because I was spending too much of my creative free time making Record Notebooks. So earlier this year I STOPPED.

Instead, I put some of those ideas into production. And I LOVED IT. It has been wonderfully freeing and inspiring and fantastic to try some new things out, to see those ideas become physical reality. Some more are still coming. Some of those will probably suck and others will be great. And I’ll be having a total blast figuring it all out. I hope you’ll love all this newness as much as I do. New products will begin popping up soon on the website, and others will probably not until 2015. In case you are wondering, some of them are music/record related; some are not.

For those of you who would like to get one last book:
The last available Record Notebooks are all on the Reware Vintage website right now. All lined refill packs are already sold out, but there is still blank paper and music score paper to add on if you would like.

I’ve been making these a really long time. Look at how young I am here, geez!

And lastly, THANK YOU! I have loved making these books for so long and have loved hearing the stories, memories, gift traditions and passions they’ve inspired from so many people all over the world. I can’t wait to turn the page now and write the next chapter! I hope you’ll stay tuned for more.

Xo, Bethany