A Vintage Weekend in Louisville

A couple weeks ago I traveled down to Louisville for the first time ever to pop-up inside Block Party Handmade, a fantastic handmade shop in Downtown Louisville. BPH has carried my handmade goods since it opened, and I was thrilled to be part of their 3 year anniversary party and selling both handmade & vintage there in person!

I knew it was going to be a great time when I stopped for Waffle House on the drive down (we don’t have them in Michigan, so it is a must-do when I am in another state that has them), and it randomly happened to be in Neil Armstrong’s home town of Wapakoneta, Ohio. This Waffle House was right next to the Armstrong Air & Space Museum, which looked so awesome but was unfortunately already closed.

It was great to finally see the store & meet everyone there in person! This was my mini-shop inside the store.

And the night was so fun! There were DIY birthday hats, some great snacks & sangria, plus a piñata. Mary and everyone else there knew how to throw a great party.

Of course, I took some time to explore Louisville while I was in town, too. If you are planning on going to Louisville, here’s what I did there, which all resulted in a really fantastic mini-trip.

First on my list was this GIGANTIC antique mall I passed on my way to my Airbnb when I was driving in.

The Mellwood Antique Mall has over 45,000 square feet and an insane amount of booths – I think they said 145 dealers inside at the time?

While most of the mall was more traditional antiques, there were a number of great MCM dealers inside. This here was one of my favorites!

I stared at this radio for a solid 5 minutes, trying to think of a room it would work in & actually be used. In the end my rational side won out (damn it, rational Beth!).

This toddler rocker was just the most adorable thing ever and I wished I had the room in my truck for it to take it home. Really, I could say this about 27 other things I saw, but this was #1 on the list.

I also visited Fat Rabbit Thrift & Vintage (where I saw this rad/ridiculous thing) and also walked across the Big Four Bridge into Indiana (which was really fun. If you are a runner, bring your running gear for this. I super wished I would have!).

So this is where I mostly stopped taking pictures, but I swear I did more in Louisville. I blame it on my friends Kim & Jason who I was having so much fun with I just couldn’t be bothered to take any pictures of it, and also there were many drinks involved. I ate some fantastic fried chicken (somewhere?) with them and also split a ham platter of locally made ham and a pizza at the Garage Bar. I’m like the dad in a Christmas Story hovering over the turkey when there is ham being served anywhere, so I fell hard in love with Louisville after that ham platter. It was magnifique (Ferris Bueller reference intended).

Mary from Block Party Handmade also took me to Feast BBQ. The food was delicious, for sure, but BOURBON SLUSHIES. Just as good as you are imagining. Yes.

In conclusion, go to Louisville. It’s great. There’s a whole bunch of other stuff I wish I could have done, but I had to leave the beautiful warmth of Kentucky early to drive home in a failed attempt at beating a *ugh* snowstorm. I’ll be back to finish exploring soon, I hope!


Mix Tape March

At the Moment:
Our family has been enjoying spring coming around to Michigan (finally!) and playing outside more. Everyone is out of our hibernation now, and we’ve been play-dating with friends all over town – and even way out of town too. It’s been so nice and was so necessary!

Biz has been crazy. I have gotten over 100 more new T shirts to go up for sale here on the site and also on Ebay, plus a whole new spring collection slowly making it’s way up in the shop (and a lot of it selling the same day – thanks to everyone who has been shopping with us!). Today, I am in Louisville at Block Party Handmade celebrating their 3 year anniversary and selling both my vintage & handmade in a hand-picked collection inside the store and am so happy to be here. I’m so truly thankful for this busy month and best March to date in 10 years!

I made a new batch of Rescued Reads Notebooks for the stores that carry them, and a new Elvis Costello Record Jacket Embroidery coming soon to the site (unless it sells here in Louisville first).

Listening to:
M. Ward’s new album “More Rain”, Iggy Pop’s new album “Post Pop Depression”, Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon”, The Fugs “It Crawled Into My Hand, Honest” and seriously binging on a dozen different podcasts right now. Also been dance partying to my Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam “Lost in Emotion” maxi-single. Del’s current fav this month is David Bowie “Changes” (Rebel Rebel is her jam).

Shopping and Drooling Over:
I’ve not only started selling T shirts again on EBay, but have bought a couple too. This Art of Noise shirt was a major unicorn to find for me, and another score will be coming to another Vintage T Shirt Tuesday post soon.

I also got a fantastic new vintage purse from Blue Velvet Vintage at Eastern Market in Detroit. Loved the whole store and can’t wait to go back again soon!

Have you seen the Marimekko collection for Target yet?!? I want EVERYTHING.

I pretty much wear the same vintage leather belt 95% of the time, but I am so intrigued by Beltology and especially love this belt here. It might be time to try a new belt.

and Other Things I’m Loving Right Now:
The Minor Thread on Instagram. How did I not know about this until now?

The Record Store Day Release List!

This “DIY Hard” printable on Clones and Clowns is SO GOOD.

Not Loving: Malcolm McClaren’s son says he’s going to burn millions worth of punk memorabilia of his dad’s in protest of the queen pronouncing that this year is “The Year of Punk” in celebration of it’s “40th anniversary in the UK”. Ok, I also think this order from the Queen is ridiculous, but really? Burning all of those historical things – that is just insane.

Also, Easter Day with our families, watching Roy’s Easter program at school, seeing Monty Python and the Holy Grail at the Redford Theatre, sushi take-out on Friday nights, watching my BFF’s Winterguard team performing, The Americans back on TV, and homemade carrot cake.

Looking Forward to:
Seeing Iggy Pop in April and getting a ton more new stuff on the site the next few weeks – stay tuned!

Vintage T Shirt Tuesday: Art of Noise T Shirt

It was one of the “holy grail” T shirts on my search list – a black shirt for The Art of Noise. Really, I just wanted anything that wasn’t a white shirt. I have one for their album “In Visible Silence”, which seems to be the T shirt that I saw 98% of the time when I did see one online (a number of different variations of it), but that shirt is white and after 30+ years mine is a little more transparent than white for my personal tastes. A black one was definitely needed.*

Anyways…a regular search on Ebay, Etsy & Defunkd finally found me a black The Art of Noise Shirt after years, and amazingly it was dead stock (this means it was never worn, never washed for those who may not know)! I am ecstatic to finally have this unicorn shirt off my list, and also that it is a Screen Stars 50/50 which is my fav brand of 80s shirts.

The Shirt: Early 1980s Art of Noise

The Tag: Screen Stars 50/50

Estimated Value: $50 (what I snagged it for, but I felt like this was a steal for how rare it is)

*For the record, I love the burnout shirts on everyone else. And I love wearing them at home. I just have a weird thing about me wearing them out, personally. YOU LADIES & GUYS WHO WEAR BURNOUT SHIRTS – you look damn great. Keep wearing them and being ridiculously comfortable. xo,Beth

What We Kept, Something for Everyone Edition

A few lucky months for digging, and the whole family got some stuff!

My pal Jen took me to a new spot I’d never been to, and I grabbed up a whole bunch of vintage cards & stationary!

A dead stock 90s Hard Rock Cafe sweatshirt from Toronto for me, and a 1986 Celtics ringer for Dan

I scored the Aladdin comforter for Della months ago, and then the sheets at the same place a couple weeks ago! And a Cabbage Patch sheet too. She was THRILLED.

Plus all these shirts for Roy, all in the same store.

The tiniest little stamps, so perfect.

Hello, Spring!

I can’t decide what I’m more excited about, the temps getting warmer or all the new stuff coming to the shop for spring! Just kidding, it is totally all the new stuff. I mean, I love being able to open the windows again, but these shop updates are EVEN BETTER.

Go on and take a look around! There are lots of new items in every department, but especially in T shirts. Keep coming back, too – there’s so much more to come.

If you see something you like, remember that there is only one! You don’t want to miss out, so grab it up quick before someone else does.

Favorite DIYs for National Craft Month

Did you know March is National Craft Month? In case you didn’t notice, I’m kind of crazy about making stuff over here. To celebrate, here’s some of my favorite craft posts from the blog over the years!

Spare Parts Chevron Necklace

Nautical Potted Succulents

Ruffled Flower Corsages

Adapted Record Theremin Embroidery

Spring Colors Art

Ruffled Tuxedo Onesie

I’m working on a new Record Jacket Embroidery right now, and have a couple more projects planned for March…what are you up to?

Mix Tape February

At the Moment:
Great month over here, how was yours? We are enjoying both warm-ups (hello 60 degrees, I love you!) and snow days here in Michigan (yay sledding!) and loving both. Roy is learning to read sight words, Della is potty training and I’m wondering how they are already this big. Dan totally won at Valentine’s Day by surprising me with a new IPhone and I got to go to the Midwest Craft Con in Columbus which was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. Overall, I give February two thumbs up!

At the Midwest Craft Con I officially graduated from Googly Eye University with a googly eye Billy Joel that is now hanging above my worktable and also start working on a new Record Jacket Embroidery. I spent an afternoon at Roy’s preschool and taught a couple dozen kiddos how to make beaded hearts to hang on their doorknobs, which was so fun. At home I made over 100 new cards for shops that carry them (sorry, not sold on the site) and so much new jewelry which WILL be coming soon to the site!

Listening to:
Strung Out In Heaven: A Bowie String Quartet Tribute by Amanda Palmer – it just came out and is absolutely fantastic. Also REM “Document”, Jackson Browne, and catching up on lots of podcasts, including WTF with Marc Maron (omg, the episode with Herb Alpert!), My Favorite Album (double omg, the episode with Belmont Tench talking about the Rolling Stones “Beggars Banquet”) Question of the Day, Stuff You Should Know and Freakonomics. Just started listening to Longest Shortest Time too, and love it – good stuff.

Shopping and Drooling Over:
These vintage culottes on Sea of Shoes. The title is so right, they are PERFECT. I personally love culottes and am really happy to see them making a comeback!

My Midwest Craft Con T shirt! Alison Rose printed them on the spot at the Con, which was fun to watch. Also, it is SO buttery soft (and coming from a vintage T shirt fanatic, you know this means a lot).

The fact that this portable banana record player exists in the world makes my daymonth.

and Other Things I’m Loving Right Now:
Teatro Chico hosted by Living Arts which was a fantastic evening, Dan finding a cd he put out 15 years ago on Ebay (he used to own a record label half a lifetime ago), seeing the 30th anniversary screening of Pretty in Pink in the theater with a dozen pals #teamduckie, selling at my first VLNTNSDYMKT, GETTING TICKETS TO FERRIS FEST with my BFF, going to a coloring night with Roy at a local library, discovering Kidizen & opening up a kid’s shop on it – find me at Nap Time Vintage, a couple winter warm-ups we’ve had here in Michigan (60 degrees, I love you!) and seeing old pals with new babies!

Looking Forward to:
Going to Louisville for a Pop Up inside of Block Party Handmade at the end of the month and my favorite show, The Americans, coming back on in just a couple weeks!

Lost and Found: Fisher Price Kitchen Sink

Yesterday I made a quick thrift trip and discovered that someone had just donated what seemed to be an entire 1980s Toys R Us there. SO MUCH VINTAGE KIDS STUFF. I restrained myself & Della, and left with just some vintage sheets for her room and a set of flash cards, leaving all the other wonders for another vintage loving mom to discover (because thrifting karma).

Now I thought I knew all the vintage Fisher Price toys, but I had no idea this sink existed. I had to take a picture and look it up when we got home, and then read that it actually pumped real water to wash your play dishes. That’s mega cute, but confirmed that I’m so glad to NOT have brought that one home.

Congratulations Fisher Price, you’ve literally made a toy of everything. Even the kitchen sink.

Book Tour: “Love…An Experience Of” by Peter McWilliams

Now that I’ve been tearing up vintage books for a couple years to make my Rescued Reads Notebooks and Blank Cards (only available in select stores, at shows I am at & the one you get as a Thank You card with your online order), I thought maybe it was time to give you some “behind the craft” posts.

I pick the books I use for different reasons…sometimes it is the artwork or photography inside, sometimes it is the nostalgia I feel when I see a book I remember reading years ago, and sometimes it is the words themselves inside. But many times you don’t really get the feel of the whole book from what I make out of it. So this new blog category “Book Tour” will showcase some of the books I use BEFORE I cut them up.

I only found this book a few days ago, “Love…an Experience Of” by Peter McWilliams. It is a book of poetry, encompassing all the ups & downs of love. It was published in 1972, and I was excited to read that the author is a Detroit native. I thought it was absolutely perfect to make some cards for VLNTNSDYMRKT, hosted by Pot & Box at the Jam Handy in Detroit, where I’ll be selling at this Friday night.

The design of the cover just made me swoon by itself, but inside even more.

Loved every page of it.

Hope you’ll like this new series of posts, and if you are in Detroit come see me this Friday night to get a card from this book for your Valentine!