Mix Tape June

At the Moment:
Our family has been so busy, this month has been unbelievable. We took a vacation up north for our friends’ wedding, and I made a trip to Grand Rapids for the Vintage Street Market + a trip to Toledo to meet my internets pal, Lindsy. We got to spend a day at the Detroit Riverfront and a night with our friends visiting from South Carolina. Roy celebrated his birthday, and I even got to hang out with my bestie twice. TWICE! Then we went to a couple more parties/weddings and did I mention we all got sick somewhere in there too? And poison ivy (Roy). And TMJ (me). Then sick again.

Reware Vintage celebrated our big 10 year Anniversary with a huge sale *big thanks to everyone who shopped*, and contest *Congrats to Carey who won a $50 gift card* and we had a date night that night that ended with Dan giving me a “Reware Pie”!

It was a whirlwind of awesome (except the getting sick part).

My most beautiful tiger rug art is finished, and now I’m just looking for the perfect frame for it. I want it on my wall now!!! Also made hundreds of new cards from scraps of vintage books – each order will include one now.
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Celebrating 10 Years of Reware Vintage!

10 years ago today RewareVintage.com was launched! As you can imagine, I’m crazy excited to be celebrating a decade, and so we’re having the BIGGEST SALE EVER.

Today, Wednesday June 24th, through Saturday June 27th everything is on sale at 50% off! No coupon code needed – everything is marked down right now!

Thanks for making the last ten years so thrilling! I couldn’t have done it without all of you.

A Vintage Cottage Up North

Last weekend our family took the kids “up north”, which for anyone who doesn’t live in Michigan means the northern half of the Lower Peninsula here to all Metro Detroiters. We went to watch two awesome friends get married on the beach, but also wrapped it all up in a nice weekend getaway, and had a lot of fun.

Rather than stay in a hotel, we opted to rent a “cottage”, aka “trailer” (they called it a cottage), so that us adults could still stay up when the kiddos went to bed. Our place was on a tiny little campground, and it had a playground for the kids 20 feet outside our door, which made Roy & Della instantly excited about staying there. The owner was a caricature of an old man who would have a place like this, and I loved him so. I don’t remember his name if he told us, but I’d like to think it was Gus.

While the trailer was 1980s and not too exciting, I was instantly noticing all the little vintage stuff around it as we got our tour from Gus, and before we left on Sunday morning I, of course, had to ask if I could buy it take pictures to show you all.

There was an entire set of this vintage Corningware in the cupboards.

The kitchen trash can. I just love that design!

There was a set of these chairs, all immaculate. PERFECT. Gah!
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Mix Tape May

At the Moment:
It’s been a crazy month here at Casa Reware. We hosted a really fun birthday party for Roy & Della (Kiddo friends and family! Hewwo Kiddy cake! Batman cake!), had a fun mini-vaca in Grand Rapids (and Dan ran a 25k, and my first 10k), I saw Lana Del Ray & Sebadoh in concert, and we spent a lot of time working on our home.

Della is always singing her ABCs and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star right now, and Roy is obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Spiderman. Preschool is out for the summer and we are busy playing in the backyard right now with our new water table and “balance beam” (a 2×4 between the sandbox & deck). I’m taking on “teacher” now too, and helping Roy work on his printing and arts & crafts, of course.

One of our big home projects is a remodel of my Reware workspace, and I’m SO stoked – it is looking great so far! I am organizing ALL THE THINGS and excited to be getting ready for a bunch of shows this summer in a new space. Naptime Vintage is going so much better than I’d dreamed it would this early, and I am so excited to be passing on our vintage kiddo treasures onto new families. If you haven’t checked it out yet, the Instagram shop is at @naptimevintage. Also, I got a new laptop due to an unfortunate coffee/bubble wand incident and whoa I love it.

Roy and I spent a few mornings making birthday party invitations (he colored, I glued), I made some new earrings for the site – coming soon!, and spent some more time on a vintage rug art kit I started months ago. With luck I may actually finish it sometime this week – omg a project finished!?!
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What We Kept – Thrift Scores Galore!

Even though there hasn’t been a lot of vintage hunting going on, the finds are finding us! Some of the crazy scores we’ve kept lately…

A gift from our neighbor! This was her daughters’ when they were kids in the 1970s.

Discovered a rare Nirvana shirt in the wild and a 1980s Levis flannel for Dan’s collection

Published in 1951, and full of mind-boggling passages, like “To be skillful, a woman has to have certain basic attributes; they include loving the man involved, having a sense of humor, good taste, and common sense, and a very feminine ability to look prettily bewildered and helpless while plotting and achieving a goal she thinks is really important.”
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Happy Birthday, Bob Seger!

It is kinda law that if you live in Michigan, you have to love Bob Seger. People in Indiana have John Cougar Mellancamp, you guys in Jersey have Bruce Springsteen, and here in the Mitten State we have obsessive passion for Bob Seger.

Today is Bob’s 70th birthday, and I managed to talk myself out of making cupcakes to celebrate, but you know I just had to post a round up of all things Bob we’ve discussed here on the blog in the last 10 years.

Happy Birthday Bob!

Here’s a 1977 Seger concert ticket I randomly found inside of a record sleeve. Why haven’t we cast this in bronze?!?

A reader sent me a (blurry, yes I know) picture of a promo bottle of Silver Bullet Band wine.

and of course, multiple Bob Seger T shirt posts are next…What else would you expect from me?
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Mix Tape April

At the Moment:
It’s the last day of April, and Della’s 2nd birthday today! As I type this we have chocolate cupcakes baking in the oven that Roy & I made this morning, her presents are wrapped and waiting, and we’ll be going to the zoo later today. It’s going to be a fun day!

It has been a great month, too. The windows are open! The garden is started! Vitamin D and wearing sandals! We’ve been outside as much as we can, but also making trips to our local art museums and a couple far-away friends.

Reware also had a rad last few weeks. A store in our hometown, Asute Artistry, is now carrying my record earrings, and we trekked out to Columbus for the 10th anniversary Craftin’ Outlaws, which was AWESOME. And my new Instagram vintage kiddo shop, Naptime Vintage, opened and had a fantastic first sale (more to come soon!).

We made a huge batch of strawberry jam and strawberry syrup, and I made almost 100 new notebooks, and a bunch of new embroideries (most of which sold before they hit the website, sorry). I finished up new Roman Shades for our kitchen & family room, and a new embroidery for Della’s room – with my first hand-drawn font!
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Naptime Vintage Coming Soon!

I’m SO excited to announce…I am starting a side-gig biz & opening up a vintage kiddo shop account on Instagram at @naptimevintage! Please follow and share with your vintage-loving mom & dad friends, if you can. Thanks so much for your help, I’m super excited for this new adventure in vintage – first sale happening REALLY soon!