Mix Tape February

At the Moment:
This was a fun month for Reware: I got a new plus size mannequin (old dress form for sale, email me if interested!), and got a ton of new items in the shop. Plus I had a Galentine’s shopping night, hosted by my friend Benita in her home, and it was awesome! Want to host a shopping night for you & your friends? Message me! Hosts get a great discount + shop credit based on sales.

It was a fun month for our family, too. Not only did Dan & I have an awesome vacation, but Della & Roy had a great time at Grandma & Grandpa’s too. They have been super into costumes lately – Della especially loves a rainbow tutu that she has. We turn off the lights in Roy’s room and put on “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, and she has her own little dance recital, spinning around on her tip toes while Roy stands on a chair pointing a flashlight down on her as a “spotlight”. They came up with this all on their own, and it is now a totally adorable daily tradition.

To balance out the cuteness, the mega-sick has continued, full force. 3 different fevers and a stomach flu went through the family, plus a double eye infection for Roy, which literally came on the same day he actually could eat again. Then he was allergic to the eye drops and it was the worst thing ever. PLEASE, make the sick end, somebody!

Another highlight of the month: Carey & I teaching a Valentine’s craft to our kids’ preschool class. It was super fun, and Roy has been all excited for crafting and art ever since. We’ve made a bunch of construction paper guitars, painted an oatmeal carton drum, cut construction paper feathers for his bedroom door, and decorations for the kitchen, plus lots of drawing & coloring. So fun, but I’m running out of ideas…can anyone suggest any blogs/pinterest boards of preschool age crafts?

Aside from lots of kid crafts with Roy, I made over 50 pairs of earrings for stores & the site, some new embroideries – a couple are in the shop as of yesterday – and Della’s very first sticker book.

I finished Tiff Tuttle’s Being and Awesomeness: Get Rad, Stay Rad, and HIGHLY RECOMMEND it! Seriously made me rethink a number of my habits & tendencies and put some things in a whole new light. Thanks, Tiffany!

Listening to:
Adam Ant, The Ting Tings, Desmond Dekker, Ladyhawke, Mustard Plug, and Tiffany Han’s “Raise Your Hand and Say Yes” podcast. Also, The Clash’s Sandinista has been on the turntable a lot, because “Hitsville UK” has been stuck in my head most of the month.
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Vintage Shopping in San Francisco: Afterlife Boutique

I’ve got to tell you guys about one more favorite vintage shop Dan & I discovered in San Francisco – Afterlife Boutique.

Not only is Afterlife super on point and authentic with what is hot right now in vintage, their shop just oozes awesome. They have lots of great jewelry, beat up leather jackets, and reconstructed gear. But you know they just had me with their T shirt collection.

I mean, look at that wall. Ok, now that a second look at that glorious PIL shirt. Daaaaaaaannnnngggg!

Some of our other favorite finds on the racks:

Thrasher + Pushead
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Vintage Shopping in San Francisco: Static Vintage

Dan and I spent a few days in San Francisco this week, and I was lucky to have lots of shopping time one day to spend in one of the city’s best vintage districts, Haight & Ashbury. Not only fun to explore for the historical reasons, this area also had a crazy amount of awesome vintage shops. My favorite?

Static Vintage

Why was Static my favorite? Because I am obviously quite nuts about vintage T shirts (in case you didn’t notice yet), and this store had an insane collection. (Read through to the end to see the one’s I just couldn’t leave without)

First I spent a long time looking through their racks, finding a slew of gems including these:

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Mix Tape January

At the Moment:
January was the month the plague came into our home…one of us has been sick nearly every single day this whole time. Dan even got sick while on a mini-trip skiing in Denver. Then I got it right before I left for Alt Summit. Still, we stuck it out and had an incredible month anyways.

Della is talking. so. much. I don’t even know how many words she knows, but it has to be well over 50, maybe even close to 100. Just a few days ago she learned “no way”, and so that’s been especially fun, getting repeated over and over again, usually when I am telling her to eat her meal, give me back something she shouldn’t be playing with, or it is time to sleep. She is also obsessed with babies right now, pointing them out everywhere we are. Roy is obsessed with drawing, coloring, and writing. He asks me how to spell words, and slowly writes them out. I can hardly believe it, what a kid.

I made myself 3 new business card holders from vintage cassette tapes (watch the mega-simple tutorial on my Instagram), some fun new jewelry including some embroidery floss wrapped pendants (going into the shop soon), my DIY Felt “Big Eyes” art, and even made the kids and my friend’s niece some special superhero capes.
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We Are The World is 30 Years Old Today

Today is the 30th anniversary of “We Are The World”! Did you have it on vinyl back in 1985? We did, but I always wanted one of the T shirts they sold through the mail, and have never been able to score one to this day.

Thanks to Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Lionel Richie, Diana Ross, Paul Simon, Willie Nelson, Hall & Oates, Stevie Wonder and even Dan Aykroyd along with so many other musicians that recorded the song – an ’80s treasure which has raised over $60 million for USA for Africa since it was recorded.

Also, if you still have your T shirt, I’d still love to have one!

My First Alt Summit

I’m back home from Alt Summit, and can’t even begin to tell you how awesome it was! Going to a new city, new conference and not knowing anyone there made me a little nervous when I got on my first flight, but by the end of the first day I was SO happy I won my ticket and had ventured out of my comfort zone!

I met a few “internet friends” in real life, and met many more artists, entrepreneurs and makers that I plan to stay in touch with.

The presenters, panels, keynotes and roundtables were fantastic. I especially loved Lisa Congdon and Dallas Clayton’s keynotes, the breakout sessions with Alison of The Alison Show, and my roundtables with Tiffany Han, Kersey Campbell of And We Play, and Michelle Hunt of Twig Creative.

I got a bunch of cool free stuff too from other attendees and the Alt Summit sponsors, of course. More importantly, I have a notebook FULL of ideas I can’t wait to start on, and a few new friends and buckets of renewed enthusiasm.

Thanks so much to all the awesome presenters, Alt Summit for my ticket and for organizing such an awesome conference, and to my roommate Crystal who snagged us a last minute room in the conference hotel. I will definitely be back next year!

DIY Big Eyes Inspired Felt Art

After a Handmade Detroit hangout to see Big Eyes, Carey & I both decided we needed to make our own Big Eyes inspired art!

I had a vision of making a “Big Eyes” from felt, and putting it in a kitschy vintage frame. The whole project didn’t take long once I’d found the perfect frame and art to put my own wooly-spin on.

I used tracing paper and some artistic interpretation to make my design.

Then traced each layer onto it’s own sheet to use as a stencil to cut out my felt.
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An Exciting Week to Share!

This week we’ve got all our new Record Jacket Embroideries in the shop, and lots of great new vintage dresses, tops and bottoms for ladies in the shop, plus loads of new Record Earrings! Check them all out in the shop – I hope you’ll love it all!

Also, this is kid’s week in the shop – all clothes for boys and girls are 50% off through Saturday, to make room for lots of new kiddo clothes coming soon! Make sure to shop all kid’s clothes before the sale ends on Saturday night.

Finally, I’m off to Alt Summit next week, and can’t wait to meet fellow bloggers and shop owners! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see what I’m up to, and I’ll share more about my trip on the Reware Vintage blog afterwards, too!

xo, Bethany