Reware Vintage at DIYpsi!

I’m so glad to be back again this year at DIYpsi! Coming up this weekend at the ABC Microbrewery, DIYpsi will be showcasing over 70 makers and vintage sellers inside and outside, and a bunch of great bands will be performing all weekend. I’ll be in the back outside near the stage and right next to my friend Justin and vintage hunter extraordinaire of The Knifey Moloko.

I’ll be having a summer blowout with a packed $5 rack, stacks of vintage T shirts and a rack of new arrival apparel for ladies, guys and kids too! Come on by & grab yourself a new vintage favorite – see you then!!


Vintage T Shirt Tuesday: Sonic’s Rendezvous Band T Shirt

Normally I only post T shirts from my personal collection in T Shirt Tuesday posts, but I’m making an exception here because this shirt is such a gem.

It’s been a great pleasure having this very rare shirt in my workspace for some time, but it is time for me to pass it on to a new home. It is currently in the Reware Vintage shop on Ebay – please feel encouraged to make an offer.

The Shirt: Sonic’s Rendezvous Band T Shirt

The Brand:
Generic 50% combed cotton/50% polyester tag, but this has the same RN number as what would be later known as Screen Stars in the late 70s.

Make your offer here!

Reware Vintage back at Mo Pop Festival!

It’s one of the most fun weekends of the year in Detroit, the weekend of Mo Pop Festival! Reware Vintage is just one of the twenty makers in the Craft Bazaar tent, curated by Handmade Detroit, and it is an awesome group of makers as usual! I’ll be bringing a bunch of new notebooks, plus jewelry made from vintage records and other finds – lots of them are not even yet available in the shop.

If you are coming down to Mo Pop Festival, find me in front-ish part of the Craft Bazaar tent. It’s a giant tent and a nice & shady place to cool off and treat yourself to a new handmade treasure in between the awesome bands playing.

Dads Rock!

John & Sean Lennon, picture by Bob Gruen

Thanks to all the dads of rock out there for creating music we love, and cool kiddos!

Thanks too, to the dads of out there that rock at being dads in their own ways. No matter what you’re into, love to you for being who you are and for helping raise the next generation. Keep doing your thing, and teaching those kids the wonders, skills and wisdom of the world.


Summer Vintage Arriving Daily!

I’ve been hard at work getting new vintage T shirts and apparel for the summer, and there are stacks of new awesomeness ready to go into the shop! I’m working overtime photographing every piece, and it’s all very exciting!!

Keep coming back each day to see what’s new, or follow Reware Vintage on Instagram to find out about new items as soon as they go up. Want some sneak peeks? Take a look at the Coming Soon Highlight Stories on my Instagram profile, and message me if you want to be notified when a certain something goes online!





Back at Vintage Garage Chicago on Sunday, May 20th!

I had so much fun last month at Vintage Garage Chicago, I’m coming back again for May’s VGC! I’m spending this week finding & tagging new vintage apparel and T shirts to pack my car, and I’m filling up the suitcase full of pins too. I think I’ll even bring my Record Earrings & Necklaces for the day! My friend Tim is joining me again to help and make hilarious pop culture references too. Last month my face hurt from laughing all day, and I’m sure this will be just as much fun.

Haven’t made it out to Vintage Garage Chicago yet? The show is held April-October in the parking garage at 5649 N. Sheridan Road in Chicago, and runs from 10am-5pm. The garage is filled with all sorts of vintage dealers, from apparel to furniture to records and everything in between. It’s a blast to sell at, and also to shop – I’ve gotten a number of favorite finds there!

Hope to see you there!


Family Style in New Orleans

A couple of weeks ago, our family went to New Orleans for the first time. It was a really fun trip, full of great food and YES, kid-friendly stuff to do too. We definitely want to head back again and explore more!

Three of us happened to all be wearing vintage on the same day, plus we could all actually be in a picture together with someone else there to take it, so BOOM I get to write a Family Style post!

This is the perfect outfit for Roy. There are two things he loves to wear more than anything else in the world and they are 1) This Jurassic Park tee from 1992, and 2) Anything camo. Camo shorts? Even better.


Shirt: Vintage Jurassic Park
Shorts: Hand-me-down
Shoes: Nike (sold out)

Despite never actually seeing Alf, this tank is one of Della’s favorites. For some reason is says “Fast” above Alf, but I don’t seem to remember Alf actually being fast? She thinks he is cute, and the tank is amazingly soft and comfy from being decades old. It was one of Roy’s faves when he was her size too.

Shirt: Vintage Alf Tank Top
Shorts: Target
Shoes: Converse (sold out)

I’m wearing my most recently found Depeche Mode shirts of my collection, finally! I got it in the middle of winter, so I was thrilled to wear it out finally. The struggle to wait patiently to wear the new vintage shirt you wanted for years, it’s a hard one.

Shirt: Vintage Depeche Mode Black Celebration Muscle Shirt
Shorts: Cut off thrifted jeans
Sandals: Abella Dr Martens
Earrings: Red Diamond Record Chain Drop Earrings by Reware Vintage

I’ll be posting about more about our trip on the blog and all the family friendly cool things you can do in the city – stay tuned!

In related news: I’ve been thinking about adding vintage kids clothes back on the site for sale…would you like to see that? Would you shop a kids section on the site? Let me know in the comments, or message me on Instagram or email me and let me know if you’d like to have kids clothes in the shop! I’d like to carry it again, but only if I know there are enough interested customers! Thanks so much.

Reware Vintage at Vintage Garage Chicago – Now on April 22nd!

I’m very excited to be back at Vintage Garage Chicago this Sunday on Sunday, April 22nd! It was supposed to be on April 15th, but it has been postponed due to snow and cold temps.

I’ll be driving in from Detroit just for Vintage Garage, and bringing TONS of new T shirts, new spring apparel and steals on winter apparel too. I’m sure there will be some other surprises too – lets see what I can dig up to pack my car up to the MAX!

If you’ve never been, the Vintage Garage Chicago show is a monthly event from April-October in the parking garage at 5649 N. Sheridan Road in Chicago, and runs from 10am-5pm. The garage is filled with all sorts of vintage dealers, from apparel to furniture to records and everything in between. I had the best time selling there last year, and am thrilled to be back again.

For more info on Vintage Garage Chicago, check out their website, Facebook page and Instagram. See you soon, Windy City!