Book Tour: “Love…An Experience Of” by Peter McWilliams

Now that I’ve been tearing up vintage books for a couple years to make my Rescued Reads Notebooks and Blank Cards (only available in select stores, at shows I am at & the one you get as a Thank You card with your online order), I thought maybe it was time to give you some “behind the craft” posts.

I pick the books I use for different reasons…sometimes it is the artwork or photography inside, sometimes it is the nostalgia I feel when I see a book I remember reading years ago, and sometimes it is the words themselves inside. But many times you don’t really get the feel of the whole book from what I make out of it. So this new blog category “Book Tour” will showcase some of the books I use BEFORE I cut them up.

I only found this book a few days ago, “Love…an Experience Of” by Peter McWilliams. It is a book of poetry, encompassing all the ups & downs of love. It was published in 1972, and I was excited to read that the author is a Detroit native. I thought it was absolutely perfect to make some cards for VLNTNSDYMRKT, hosted by Pot & Box at the Jam Handy in Detroit, where I’ll be selling at this Friday night.

The design of the cover just made me swoon by itself, but inside even more.

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Mix Tape January

At the Moment:
Our family has been *slightly* relaxed more this month – staying in from the Michigan winter (which has been not nearly as harsh this year, thankfully). We still managed to get out to a Pistons game, the aquarium, and have a couple great date nights out. Roy and Della have been having fun with a couple new old Little People sets I found them, and crafting & “arting” a lot. It’s been fun.

It’s been a great month for Reware Vintage – I had a blast selling at WCSX’s Rock Swap & met so many other T shirt collectors & music fanatics. The stories I heard all day were so awesome! I also bought a really big collection of vintage tour shirts from someone this month, and I’ve been really excited for those. They’ll be slowly coming onto the website over the next few months! Trust me, you’re gonna love them too.

Listening to:
I’m back on a major music-while-working kick and here’s some of my main bands this month. Protomartyr “The Agent Intellect”, The Beatles “Rubber Soul”, Alabama Shakes “Sound & Color”, Bjork “Vulnicura”, the Goodfellas Soundtrack, The Von Bondies “Pawn Shoppe Heart”, pretty much every David Bowie album, Iggy Pop “The Idiot”, a whole slew of Art of Noise albums, Lady Hawke, Mamas & Papas and The Zombies. Also, the kids and I are having dance parties in the family room a lot lately, where the play list is mostly Robyn, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and mom’s choice – Jamiriquoi.
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WCSX Rock Swap this Saturday!

Reware Vintage & Glass Action! are teaming up and selling with over 40 other Rock & Roll Music & Memorabilia vendors at the WCSX Rock Swap on January 23rd 11-5 at Oakland Mall and I can’t wait, this is gonna be a blast!

I’ll be bringing stacks of vintage band T shirts, vintage pins, my handmade Record Earrings and maybe even a crate of records or some other surprises from my personal collection. Hope to see you there!

What We Kept, Winter Scores

I got to go on a 2 day buying trip during the holidays, and picked up a ton for the shop (much of it coming the next couple weeks to the site), and some fun finds for our family too!

I want these both in my size! Della will get a choice for a new vintage coat next winter.

A whole box of these adorable postcards.

I have to confess, I’ve already got a pair of these. But I can’t pass up a pair of Chucks in my size at the thrift.
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Farewell, David

There are a very few musicians in the world that I feel helped shape me into the person I am today. From the moment I first listened to Ziggy Stardust on cassette in my Walkman, he did. Bowie helped me find my voice, helped me make sense of myself as an awkward kid. I’ve never put that album down, always loved it and now listen to it with my own kids. The man may be gone, but he is forever. He will be cherished and as influential to others always. He was the best.

Love to his friends and family, and all of us who didn’t know him but still felt like he knew us.

Mix Tape December

At the Moment:
I am feeling incredibly grateful and happy about this month and of the whole year of 2015. December was such a fantastic month to finish off the year! DUCF kicked off the busy season with record attendance (10,500 shoppers) and was just the most amazing weekend. Thank you to everyone who volunteered, everyone who shopped and every vendor for this experience. I loved every moment of it!

Our family had a busy and very fun month, with the kids thrilled for Christmas and being able to see so many of our friends and our family. Christmas is always a good time, but those two made it so much more awesome, just watching them and all their joy. We hosted Christmas dinner for the first time and it was so special, and a great way to finish off an incredibly busy few weeks.

Between family & pal hangouts, I worked my a** off this month. The shows and stores that carry my goods kept me so busy I never got much time to spend on this website, but loads of new items will be coming in January and February. Trust me, it will be worth the wait!

Many many thanks to our customers, friends and my family for a wonderful 2015! I couldn’t have done any of this without all of you.

I thought I’d be done making things by DUCF, but I was immediately working on more notebooks as soon as it was over! Lots of late nights and early mornings + working whenever I could find the time or a babysitter.

I also managed to also make some things for us! Some hanging planters for our kitchen with this easy tutorial. Also, a Terminator 2 collage for my obsessed husband, and Care Bears dolls for the kids, from vintage patterns I got from Small Craft a long time ago.

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Happiest of Holidays!

From our family to yours, thank you for supporting our small business this season and have a fantastic holiday! See you in 2016!

Last Show of 2015 – Sunday at MOCAD!

I can’t believe we are a week away from Christmas! I have been chipping away at my shopping list, but still am way behind.

If you are like me, and live in Metro Detroit, come down to MOCAD (Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit) this Sunday from 11-5 for brunch at Cafe 78 inside the MOCAD, listen to Monty Luke DJ, and shopping with Hamtramck Ceramck, Detroit is the New Black, and Reware Vintage!

I’ll be bringing a table full of handmade gifts + vintage finds and T shirts, and a rack FULL of vintage winter coats, cozy sweaters + sweatshirts and dresses perfect for holiday celebrations. Most of the clothing is not yet on the site, and you’ll be getting to shop it first! For a sneak peek at some of the collection, check out my Instagram account.

Hope to see you there!

RV at Tiny Expo!

I am so excited to be at Tiny Expo for the first time ever this Saturday! I will be bringing my handmade notebooks, embroideries and record jewelry and happily be selling next to one of my bffs, Carey of Glass Action.

Held in the Downtown Branch of the Ann Arbor District Library, Tiny Expo will have 40+ local artists & makers, plus a number of free make & takes and demos that are great for both kids and adults. Free admission too! Tiny Expo is Saturday from 11-5:30, and there is lots more info on their website. Hope to see you there!