DIY Baby Leggings from T Shirts

I found the most awful shirt the other day at the thrift store. A combination that was so bad – MOCK TURTLENECK & SHORT SLEEVED. But it was on the cutest jersey covered with bunnies and Easter eggs…just not something a grown adult should EVER wear. So I rescued this shirt for 80 cents and transformed it into some adorable spring leggings for Della in just 20 minutes! Here’s how you can do this quick DIY for your kids too:
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11 Months Old

She’s nearly a year, and I can’t believe it. How did this happen, and so quickly? Each month seems to pass quicker than the month before.

Della Loves:
Walking with a hand to help (anyone’s hand will do)
Being outside (yay, baby-friendly temps!)
Every toy that Roy plays with
Home Depot Car Carts
and Bath Time (Best night ever, every time)

We Love:
Her shy-hide when anyone else talks to her
Her laugh
Playing peek-a-boo
Occasional sassiness
and Bath Time

Mix Tape March

Listening to:

I’ve been in a bit (ok, a lot) of a 90s revival here. Dandy Warhols, School of Fish, REM’s Out of Time, and the Lemonheads have all been in rotation. Also, Nancy Sinatra. And A Flock of Seagulls (yep, seriously).

Shopping and Drooling Over:

I just discovered Bait Footwear and now I need to wear something other than Converse and Dr Martens every day.

O Darling Handmade has got the cutest baby leggings. THE CUTEST.

And other stuff I’ve been loving lately:

Reware Vintage was included in this Metro Detroit vintage shopping round-up on the Chevy Detroit blog. I’m really excited to be included with some of my favorite brick and mortars in this post, and to be the only online shop featured!
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Silhouette Craft

March is National Craft Month, and so why not learn a new craft to celebrate? My friend Amy and I took a one-evening class on making silhouettes at The Community House in Birmingham, Michigan and had a lot of fun.

The craft was a pretty comfortable project (especially with a glass of wine) and our teacher was very helpful. I’d totally recommend taking a class there if you live in Metro Detroit, and I’m sure I’ll be back again.

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Shop Update!

LOTS of new vintage T shirts in the shop this week! Some are from Michigan, Kentucky, Arkansas, Florida, Tennnessee and even Germany… my favorites are the two Rollins Band T shirts from the early 90s. Come on over to the shop to check them all out!