Family Style: Nick Cave Date Night

In case you can’t tell by my smile in this picture, I was beyond excited to see Nick Cave a few nights ago in Detroit at the Masonic Temple. If you haven’t seen him in concert yet, you really should – he performed for over 2 hours and is one of the most charismatic musicians I’ve ever seen (this is the second time I’ve seen him now). I was in awe watching him & the Bad Seeds, total awe.

My night out was so fun, made even better by what I was wearing…and what I wasn’t – a purse! This vintage dress I wore actually has a sewn-on little fanny pack, so no purse necessary! I also got to wear my favorite pair of vintage Dr Martens, and a leather choker gifted to me, both from the 90s.

I forgot to get a picture of Dan, or the kids before we left, so it’s not so much a “Family Style”, but I still wanted to show and tell. Here’s the deets:

Vintage 80s mini-dress with fanny packKitten Surprise at Vintage Garage Chicago
Vintage 90s Leather Choker – gift from a friend in the 90s (yes, I’ve kept it that long)
Vintage 90s Andy Warhol Dr. Martens – Baar Bazaar inside the Garden Bowl in Detroit, about 10 years ago

Mix Tape May

At the Moment:
It’s been pretty busy around here…hence this post is a couple days late! What have we been up to? Well, our family took a trip to Chicago – It was Roy & Della’s first time there, and they had a total blast. A post coming on that soon! Also – Dan and I ran our races in Grand Rapids that we had been training hard for – Dan a 25k and Me a 10k – and I’m happy to report that we both beat our goal times! Della had her first race too, her preschool’s Laps for Leukemia run, and she just had her last day of school yesterday. Roy’s about to celebrate his birthday & we are getting ready for his big party too. Whew!

Reware Vintage is gearing up for summer season – I’ve been busy taking tons of pictures of new summer clothes and T shirts, and getting ready for some summer shows coming up – Vintage Street Market in Grand Rapids, and Mo Pop Festival in Detroit. There’s been lots of new stuff added to the shop lately, clothing and deadstock snapback caps and even new Record Necklaces. A lot of it sold out the same day it went up! I’m so glad it’s all been a hit & stay tuned…there is more on the way! Did you catch the big New Kids on the Block collection that went up in the shop this month too? If you are going to see them this summer, you should totally check it out and get something to wear to the show!

Ha ha…so much! For the shop mostly. I did a little watercolor painting with the kids & some knitting too. Got lots of making plans for June, and looking forward to it.

Listening to:
Protomartyr, Amanda Palmer, Katy Perry, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Raveonettes, Nancy Sinatra, Willie Nelson, Sneaks, Sleater-Kinney, The Monkees, Albert Hammond Jr, Operation Ivy, and The Redwalls.

Della’s fav song of the month:
“Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash. She’s a big fan – I’m so proud.

Shopping and Drooling Over:
I got to stop by Transistor while we were in Chicago – they are a gift & audiophile shop that has carried my Record Jewelry and Notebooks for years, and it had been 5 years since I had been able to stop in last. They are in a new location since my last visit, and have dozens more artists in the store. I loved it! Grabbed a great David Bowie coloring book (you can also find here) and some pins to add to my jacket.

and Other Things I’m Loving Right Now:
Wearing tank tops & shorts & dresses! This weather right now is just wonderful. Also, Twin Peaks and American Gods (!!!), taking the kids to the carnival during Berkley Days & riding the Gravitron with Roy, Touch a Truck on the Detroit Riverfront, signing up to run the Detroit Free Press Marathon on a relay team of pals, Roy’s kindergarten Mother’s Day Tea, watching our friend Josh win on Forged in Fire, visiting with family for Memorial Day, watching Roy’s T ball games, seeing the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck, Della’s surprise birthday gift from my friend Amanda at Tandem Vintage, and getting our vegetable garden planted!

Looking Forward to:
Roy’s Birthday Party in a few days, selling at Vintage Street Market in Grand Rapids in a couple of weeks, and a house call buying appointment & trip too!

Wearing Vintage on Vacation

Recently, Dan and I took a trip to Playa Del Carmen which was one of the best weeks ever. We escaped the cold Michigan weather and our responsibilities for five days, and had a fantastic time enjoying the sunshine, beach, pool and a lot of margaritas.

I was happy to pull out some of my favorite vintage summer clothes a few months early, and wear them on the trip. Here’s a few outfits I wore…

You know clothes that are decades old can be so comfortable for flying…that’s why I wore a 90s mock turtleneck tank layered with a cardigan for our flights there. I was cozy in Detroit, and cool in Mexico when we arrived.

I was so happy to finally got to wear this 1970s hooded tank that I bought in a collection over the winter. Perfect for a windy morning on the beach as we watched the sunrise (this picture was on the walk back to our room after).

We went out for dinner, and I got to wear one of my all time favorite vintage dresses – a 1980s midi dress with a fantastic black and white swoopy skirt. (Excuse the not-so-great photo here).

Now to be honest, like most days, I didn’t wear all vintage every day, but each day I was able to mix in a vintage piece with modern. If it isn’t vintage, it’s usually something local-Detroit. Here I am wearing my Mo Pop shirt from last year’s festival (happy to be back again this year!).

It was an incredible vacation that I still think about every day, and I highly recommend going to Playa Del Carmen if you ever get the chance (We stayed at the Zoetry Paraiso De La Bonita resort, which was just wonderful). I also highly recommend bringing vintage on your next vacation – you’re sure to look unique, feel comfortable and have a little more fun!

What We Kept Mini Post

I’ve been working hard buying and photographing a TON of new vintage coming to the site, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek at a few things I kept!

First, a Missoni for Target dress (2nd from left)! It’s not vintage, but I missed out on everything from this collection except a pair of shoes when it came out, and I’ve been hoping to find something at a thrift in my size ever since. It took years, but I finally did! The 70s striped T shirt and 70s striped sweater both came from a friend’s collection and I fell in love instantly when I tried them on.

That black dress? It’s my dream “show selling dress”. It’s comfortable. It’s black. I can wear almost any pair of shoes with it. Oh, and IT HAS A FANNY PACK ATTACHED. I just about fell over when I saw it, and then again when I tried it on and it fit. This dress was my treat to myself at the Vintage Garage Chicago show, from Kitten Surprise, who has a ton of great stuff over in her Etsy shop too!

Stay tuned for SO MUCH coming to the site! Want to know as soon as something new is in the shop? There’s something new nearly every day, and I post on Instagram as soon as it is live – follow me at @rewarevintage.

Mix Tape April

At the Moment:
Della just turned 4 years old and had a really fun Moana birthday party, and Moana came herself! She’s now more obsessed than ever with the movie (not complaining AT ALL). It was a blast! Roy has started T ball and loves it, and is excited for his own birthday party coming up soon, too.

Dan and I went on a trip to Rivera Maya, and it was one of my favorite trips ever. We ate incredible food, relaxed in the sun and read a lot – my kind of vacation! Happily, the warm weather came to Detroit a week after we got home, and though it isn’t quite as hot as Mexico, we’ll take it!

I also got to travel to Chicago with my pal Justin to sell at Vintage Garage Chicago, which was AWESOME. Love to you, Windy City & to my friend Tim who hosted us for the night! It was a great start to my spring/summer season of shows, TBA soon! Thanks too, to everyone who shopped the Sailor Moon collection that was in the shop – I can’t believe how quickly it sold! There’s still a few items left, check them out here.

I was so happy to sew some gifts for a couple of expecting friends this month (these receiving blankets here) and lots & lots of notebooks & jewelry for stores!

Listening to:
Kendrick Lamar, Stevie Nicks, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Lana Del Ray, Depeche Mode and Sneaks. Short list, but what a good one!

Della’s fav song of the month: Kraftwerk “The Robots”. Roy & Del heard Kraftwerk for the first time and totally loved them.

Shopping and Drooling Over:
I don’t think I’ve bought a single thing that wasn’t vintage for us the whole month, so you’ll just have to wait for the next What We Kept blog post for shopping scores!

and Other Things I’m Loving Right Now:
American Gods on Starz – the first episode was great! Any of you guys see it? I’m so eager to talk to someone else who did. Also, going to the final Pistons game at the Palace of Auburn Hills, going to Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum, taking long runs outside, going to the Marshmallow Drop, spring cleaning the house, hunting for & finding some tough customer requests the past few weeks, and Della’s Moana birthday cake made by her Aunt Monica – it was amazing!

Looking Forward to:
Running the 10k I’ve been training for months for, and planting my vegetable & herb garden!

See You Soon, Chicago!

I’m thrilled to be selling at Vintage Garage Chicago this Sunday for the first time ever! This is a show I’ve wanted to participate in for so long, and I am really excited to finally be doing it. It’s actually in a parking garage in Chicago and it 3 floors full of vintage hunting of all kinds.

So Chicago friends, come see me & my friend/helper extraordinare Justin in the Reware Vintage booth and shop the site in person + get a first pick of the spring & summer apparel & T shirts that aren’t even up on the site yet!

Vintage Garage Chicago is 10-5 on Sunday, April 23rd at 5051 N Broadway in Chicago. Check out the event page on Facebook and their website for more deets, and hope to meet you there!

Mix Tape March

At the Moment:
March really came in like a lion as they say – we had a bad storm here and lost our power for 4 days. It was rough, but we had some awesome friends & family help us through it in different ways and when we finally got power back we sure appreciated it even more! Della had her last ballet class of the season & it was so fun to watch all the girls perform. Roy has gotten the Pokemon bug (I have no idea what he is talking about now) and Del got Moana fever all over again lol. I may have gotten it too – that movie is so great. Dan and I are training for our races coming up soon, and I am so happy to be running outside again now that the temps are above freezing.

Reware had a crazy great month with record breaking sales *thank you!* & a fun house call for buying. I debuted a big collection of vintage Sailor Moon items this week, and more T shirts and apparel for spring went in the shop in the last few weeks too. Just wait – there’s so much more coming next month, too!!

After a great response on some new pieces of record jewelry on Instagram, I’ve been making a bunch of new necklaces & earrings! They went out to a number of stores that carry them the past couple of weeks, and are going to go on the site in April! Head over to my Instagram to see some previews.

Listening to:
Depeche Mode AND Jesus & Mary Chain came out with new albums in March and I pretty much died and went to heaven. Also, Dan got me the reissue of Ben Folds Five’s “The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner” on vinyl – one of my favorite albums of all time. I got to see Jeff Rosenstock in concert and it was SO GOOD. It’s been a great month for music!

Della’s fav song of the month: How Far I’ll Go from Moana. I swear she sings this song to herself (and anyone else who will listen) 25 times a day, every day.

Shopping and Drooling Over:
I was so happy to get one of these shirts from my friend Marcy of All Things Grow. We have 11 prints of Marcy’s around our house, and now I get to even wear her work!

I had to get a pair of the Levi’s 505C jeans (in Patti finish, of course). They are sold out now of the pair I got, but they now have a bunch of new cuts & finishes. I love mine – the quality of the denim is awesome & they feel just like I remember jeans back in the 1980s.

and Other Things I’m Loving Right Now:
The fact that it is spring again, watching the line up of stars for Shermer Club grow & grow, Disney on Ice, going to a bunch of Pistons games now that we are about to wrap up the last season at the Palace of Auburn Hills, enjoying another float at Motor City Float, running outside again – woo!, yoga with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, taking the kids roller skating, getting a night out with some of my favorite crafty friends and getting ready for my first show of the year – Vintage Garage Chicago on April 23rd.

Looking Forward to:
American Gods premiering on Starz (rereading the book in anticipation!), a couple of trips coming up in April, and Della’s birthday!

What We Kept – The Return of the 90s

Have I ever told you guys the story of the Docs I’ve regretted not buying for the past 30 years? No? Well, it was a wondrous day when I walked into a TJ Maxx in 1995 and they had the Andy Warhol Doc Martens AND the snakeskin Docs there ON SALE. I only had enough money for one, and of course it had to be the Warhols. Now, I’ve never doubted that decision (as far as I’m concerned those are one of the best pairs of boots ever made), but I did wish that I could have gotten both.

And then, my friend Jeff found these. At a thrift. In my size. And texted me. Now, the love story is finally complete and we are happily reunited after all these years. THANK YOU JEFF!

Not nearly as dramatic, here is a Death T shirt that I have wanted for ages as well and while I never “wanted” a Party of Five soundtrack CD, I also can’t not buy it for 99 cents, so here it is.

I was so bummed when I went to get the 90s reissue Gap mock turtleneck tank and it was sold out in my size. Then I went thrifting the next evening, and BOOM, there is an original one, in black, and it fit! Can’t wait to wear it out when the temps rise. Next to that are two fantastic tanks from the 70s I grabbed for myself from a massive haul at a house call. Some of that collection is already on the site, and there is lots more coming soon. Stay tuned!

Hope you have had some good scores lately too! Got a vintage love story of your own to share? Tell me in the comments!

Happy Birthday, Micky Dolenz!

Happy belated Birthday to Micky Dolenz (it was actually yesterday, but better late than never)! The Monkees are one of my all time favorite bands ever since I was a little kid, and Micky was always my favorite of the band.

If you are a Monkees fan too, I highly recommend this vintage shirt from their 20th anniversary tour (I have this one in white & black in my personal collection).

Also, there’s a few Rescued Reads notebooks left from the Monkees collection I made and they all happen to feature Micky on the cover. This is just one of three different ones, check them all out here!

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