Mix Tape September

At the Moment:
We lost our dog Kona this month, which was very difficult. She was an awesome dog, and we miss her so much! I’m sure it will take a while before this all seems normal, but it is a tough adjustment after all these years of having her in our home.

Our friend Kim came into town & visited right after, and brought a lot of laughter with her (much needed). Love you, Kim! We also took a family trip out to a cottage by Grand Rapids and absolutely loved it. We checked out the incredible John Ball Zoo and had a fun afternoon at the Grand Rapids Public Museum. We spent evenings looking at the stars over the lake in our backyard and some time in the lake with the kids. We even got to go bowling in a tiny 6 lane alley in the town we stayed in, it was really fun. Then, right back to school for Roy & back to work for us!

Speaking of work, I had a fun day selling at the Kerrytown Bookfest for the first time (with one of my most crafty friends right next to me, Type Shy, yay!) and my 8th year of selling at DIY Street Fair. Pals Justin and Lindsy were the best helpers & Carey the raddest neighbor tag-team as always. Thanks to everyone who shopped and stopped by both shows!

I spent a week embroidering more record jackets and sold almost all of them at DIY Street Fair, and also sold most of the new infinity scarves I’d made de-stashing my fabric shelves. What is left will be going on the site soon for you to see & shop!

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DIY Street Fair!

It’s one of my favorite weekends of the year in just a few days – DIY Street Fair weekend!

You can find the Reware Vintage tent in our usual place – in space F1 – across from the main beer tent, and next to my friend Glass Action! This year we will not have vintage clothing, but instead will have our handmade notebooks, embroidered record jackets, new infinity scarves and SO much jewelry! Most of it is not available yet on the site, and debuting for the first time at DIY.

If you live in Metro Detroit, this is a show you do not want to miss! Seriously, go check out all the bands playing. Come on by my tent & see all that is new, and make sure to ask me for a coupon for shopping on the site too!

See you there!

What We Kept: Estate Sale WHOA

On this edition of What We Kept, ALL THIS STUFF CAME FROM THE SAME PLACE.

And this isn’t even everything that I brought home, this is just what I’m personally keeping (other finds will be going into the shop, will be remade into something else for the shop). BIG thanks to my friend who was having pretty much the coolest, craftiest, most wonderful estate sale ever, because her grandma collected all the BEST stuff and invited me over for a sneak peek.

No cooler way to organize my jewelry supplies!

and lots of other cool papers I forgot to take pictures of for wallpapering Della’s vintage doll house.

I saw stars when I saw all these barrettes! And the greatest trio of chevron mini rings, too.

Vintage Sewing Supplies

September is National Sewing Month, and I thought I’d share some of my favorite vintage sewing supplies here to celebrate!

Not only are these needles still great to use, the package design on each is so fantastic!

This tiny handmade sewing travel kit is a favorite estate sale find from years ago, and I just love this needle book.

And one of my favorite things ever – my vintage sewing basket. It even has tripod legs that screw into the bottom to stand it on the floor, and a tray inside. One of my best thrifts ever.

I’ve also got a little vintage pincushion collection (one shared here). Do you collect vintage sewing things? What are your favorites? Hoping to share some of my vintage fabric stash later this month!

Mix Tape August

At the Moment:

We’re so sad to say that our family dog, Kona, was diagnosed with cancer this month. We’re trying to spend as much time together with her, and are definitely spoiling her rotten right now. She’s getting obscene amounts of milkbones and salami here, no holding back. And lots of cuddles and ear scratches too!

Currently, Roy is pretty much nonstop talking about going back to school and Della is too, except that she isn’t going to school yet, and we keep telling her that (she apparently does not believe us). We’re doing our best to cram in another round of our favorite summer traditions and looking forward to fall (we’re already talking about Halloween costumes, here OMG).

DIYpsi was incredible and thankfully the big workspace/playroom renovation is nearly complete. I’ll be getting up the fall collection in the shop in the next couple weeks, stay tuned – there’s a whole lot of awesome on it’s way!


Loads of new Rescued Reads Notebooks, coming soon on the site! And even more trading card notebooks to bring to Kerrytown Bookfest and DIY Street Fair in September, woo! Also, I took a week off of working to catch up on some projects – making a bed for Kona, a height chart for Della and a stack of new coasters.
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Oops Zilwaukee Bridge T Shirt

I just realized it’d been a LONG time since the last T shirt Tuesday post, and no, I’m not anywhere close to running out of T shirts to share in our collection. As a matter of fact, I just added 3 more last week to the closet, and here’s the first.

Another treasure from my friend Justin, this shirt pokes fun at the famous Zilwaukee Bridge in Michigan, which actually partially fell apart in 1982 while it was being built (one of the main reasons why it is famous). I both love and hate this bridge – it is beautiful to look at as you approach it on the freeway, and terrifying for me to drive over – long before I learned this story. Is it just me? If you are from Michigan and you are scared of driving over this too, let me know in the comments and maybe I won’t feel so weird about it anymore.

Back to the shirt…

The Shirt: Oops Zilwaukee Bridge, subscripted 1983

The Tag: Screen Stars 50/50

Estimated Value: $10 (but I love it more than that)

See You at DIYpsi!

I’m so excited to be back at Summer DIYpsi this weekend! Come find me in my red tent in Vintage Row outside there and with TONS of vintage clothing and treasures, plus upcycled goodies too. And with two of my fav helpers – Justin and my hubby Dan! Stop by & shop our fall clothing collection before it hits the webshop – there’s so much rad-ness on it’s way, you’re gonna love it.

Mix Tape July

At the Moment:
We’re enjoying the summer while it is still here – I can’t believe school starts in 6 weeks! We’ve spent this month at the beach, the fountains, the pool, a gazillion parks, the lake and in the sprinklers. I haven’t been this tan in years. Roy & Della got to go to their first movie in a theater, and I also got to take a mom’s weekend away with my BFF, which was pretty much the best weekend all year. Dan & I even had a date night with sushi and Terminator Genisys.

Reware Vintage had a small summer shop update, and many of my favorite items sold within hours of posting them. I loved spending the day with Goodwill at the YB Blue Pop-Up Shop at Eastern Market. We had a crazy weekend at the Mo Pop Festival in the Handmade Detroit Craft Bazaar – it was SO much fun! And finally, a two day buying trip that ended with a car FULL of clothes for the site and a bunch of treasures for our family, too.


An insane amount of new jewelry for the Mo Pop Fest, new minimalist displays (well, Dan made those), and new cards & notebooks too. A couple of new earrings are now in the shop, more jewelry to come in August!
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It’s Still Summer Here!

We’ve still got weeks of summer, and I just can’t do fall or back-to-school yet…If you need a summer closet refresh, there are more new summer dresses, skirts, tank tops & shorts in this week, in sizes X-Small to 2X. Take a look!

See You at Mo Pop Festival!

The ladies of Handmade Detroit were stoked when we were asked if we would like to curate the Craft Bazaar Village inside the Mo Pop Festival happening this weekend. If you are coming out to see the spectacular line up of bands, come find many of our favorite crafters of Detroit inside the Craft Bazaar and take a shopping break with us! Reware Vintage will be there, and I will be happily debuting all sorts of new jewelry made from vintage finds and new notebooks as well.

Speaking of Handmade Detroit, in case you didn’t hear, applications are now live for Detroit Urban Craft Fair! And it is 3 Days this year for our big 10 year celebration! Hop on over and apply today.