Reware Vintage is at Mo Pop This Weekend!

I’m beyond excited to be selling at the Mo Pop Festival in Detroit again this weekend! As one of the sellers in the Craft Bazaar tent, curated by Handmade Detroit, I’ll be bringing loads of new notebooks & jewelry made from vintage finds and records that are not yet available in the shop. I’m over the moon about all these new items, and can’t wait to debut them!

If you are coming down to Mo Pop, find me in front of the Craft Bazaar tent with 18 other fantastic artists and crafters, right next to the Handmade Detroit booth (where we’ll also be debuting new HD and Detroit Urban Craft Fair merch!). It’s sure to be hot this weekend, but we’ll be in a shady tent, so come and take a break to cool off a bit and treat yourself to a little something!

In case my Michigan shoppers haven’t seen the crazy line-up of bands for the fest, here it is. One and two day passes are still available – get them & more information over at the Mo Pop website.

What We Kept – Summer Finds

I haven’t had time to hit the road lately for vintage hunting, but check out the finds I grabbed up at a couple of my local thrifts!

Sandman is my all time favorite comic book. I still have my Sandman poster from high school, and I can’t wait to hang it up with this new-old one I snagged a few weeks ago.

I love this plastic Catherineholm bowl by Deka to add to my collection!

This custom tailored 1950s dress and jacket are the most gorgeous green & fit me like a glove. Guess I have a vintage body type too, ha ha.

My favorite find of the summer. Della adores it and loves to twirl around in it, it is truly the cutest thing ever.

Mix Tape June

At the Moment:
In June Roy graduated from preschool with the most adorable ceremony & party afterwards and also celebrated his birthday with his first trip to Chuck E Cheeses and getting his first bike. To get him ready for kindergarten and Della for preschool, we created a “school time schedule” with art, learning & reading time each day. They both really love it, and seem to be learning a lot!

This month was so awesome & fun for Reware. We celebrated 11 years of this website with a birthday sale, I sold at my first Cleveland Flea, added two new shops as stockists – My Secret Stash in Traverse City, MI and An Octopus’s Garden in Clayton, New Jersey. Did you know I also sell vintage for kids on Kidizen? You can find me at Nap Time Vintage on the Kidizen app, and I was so happy to be a featured seller for a week in June!

I’ve been busy making for selling in the Craft Bazaar village in the Mo Pop Festival in July, but still have so much more to go! Time to get super-crafty in July!

Listening to:
The Monkees “Good Times!”, The Eagulls, Portishead, Billy Joel, Petula Clark, Brenda Lee, The Monkees “Good Times”, and more of The Monkees “Good Times” (it’s really really good. go listen to it).

Della’s fav song of the month – “Flashbeagle”. We’ve been putting the record on every day the past week, lol.
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Happy Birthday to Us!

It’s our birthday today! To celebrate, we’ve got EVERYTHING in the shop 40% off – even stuff already on sale! No coupon needed, no hoops to jump through. Just put it in your cart, check out, and fall in love with your new vintage gear in a few days when it arrives in your mailbox.

Again, this sale is only for today (Friday), so don’t wait or you’ll miss out on 40% off!

Cleveland Flea this Saturday!

I am so excited to be taking part in my first Cleveland Flea this Saturday! If you live in the area, come on by and get a chance to shop my summer apparel collection before it makes in onto the website in a couple weeks, and look through at least a hundred vintage T shirts from our site and stash.

Hope to meet you there!

Detroit Pistons Bad Boys 89-90 Back to Back Championship T Shirt

With a dad who probably has at least a dozen vintage Pistons T shirts from the Bad Boys era, you know the kids have to have some too. That’s why we have 2 of these classic 1989/1990 Back to Back Championship T shirts in our home – one for Roy & one for Della. They are both the same size, and I randomly/thankfully found both together at a thrift. Hopefully in the fall Del will have grown into hers and they can both wear them to games for good luck.

Randomly: I’m listening to Basketball Party as I’m writing this (Monday), and Dan is a guest on today’s podcast with Kim & Erin.

The Shirt: Detroit Pistons Bad Boys 1989/1990 Back to Back Championship T Shirt – little kid size

The Tag: Screen Stars Best

Estimated Value: $20 – But a picture of both kids wearing theirs together at a game? Priceless!

Mix Tape May

At the Moment:
This month was CRAZY. We had a birthday party for Roy & Della, celebrated Mother’s Day and our wedding anniversary, ran a race in Grand Rapids (10k for me, 25k for Dan), I was a judge at a pin up contest and also, you know, FERRIS FEST. I’m still catching my breath from the wild ride of May, but it was such a fun month.

I was excited to make 4 pouches for the Miss Fabulous Flora Pinups Contest with a new pattern, all from vintage fabrics, and they turned out so great! I loved them so much, I’m hoping to make some more to sell here in the shop later this summer.

Listening to:
Talking Heads, The Wallflowers, Lisa Lisa & the Cult Jam, Elton John, Lana Del Ray, and a whole bunch of The The. Also, lost of Dear Sugar podcasts.

Della’s Fav Song of the Month: “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey (she makes me sing it to her at bed time right now)
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Ferris Fest: a 30th Anniversary Leisure Weekend of Epic Proportions

Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I spent the weekend at Ferris Fest, a 30th anniversary weekend-long celebration of one of the greatest movies ever made, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. There were only 300 tickets available to this, which sold out within days back in February, but my best friend, Monica, and I managed to get two after it was announced and we read about with stars in our eyes on Facebook. All the John Hughes movies were MAJOR parts of our childhoods, and we watched them constantly for years, so it was IMPERATIVE that we went and party like it was 1989 (I know, bad Prince pun, sorry).

The weekend was FANTASTIC. UNBELIEVABLE. We were lucky to have gotten on the tour bus with the man who put the whole festival together, David Blanchard, and he was the best tour guide and just as passionate about the movie as the rest of us were on the bus. We had the best time and were just blown away by everything we got to do.

We met a number of members of the cast – Ferris’s Mom & Dad, one of the Valets who “borrowed” their car, the snooty Maitre D at Chez Quis, Grace (Rooney’s secretary) and even got to sit in a replica of the car!

We visited Cameron’s house (it looks exactly the same after all these years!)

The “Save Ferris” water tower, where we met several people who knew John Hughes and had great stories about him (and even a high school yearbook with his picture in it!).
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What We Kept – Finds from the 1930s – 1990s

It’s been a light on time out hunting for vintage lately, but I’ve still managed to score some great stuff for my closet & our home:

These 3 T shirts! A Ben Folds Five “Reinhold Messner” tour T shirt has been on my wish list for so long, so I was thrilled to find one in a collection I bought recently, along with an old Curve T shirt and the first new-to-me Damned T shirt I’ve had in over a decade (you can see the other two I have here and here)

A HUGE 70s wall hanging, with a note attached that it was handmade & bought at a market in Nepal. Currently hanging in my workspace.
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