What We Kept – Thrift Scores Galore!

Even though there hasn’t been a lot of vintage hunting going on, the finds are finding us! Some of the crazy scores we’ve kept lately…

A gift from our neighbor! This was her daughters’ when they were kids in the 1970s.

Discovered a rare Nirvana shirt in the wild and a 1980s Levis flannel for Dan’s collection

Published in 1951, and full of mind-boggling passages, like “To be skillful, a woman has to have certain basic attributes; they include loving the man involved, having a sense of humor, good taste, and common sense, and a very feminine ability to look prettily bewildered and helpless while plotting and achieving a goal she thinks is really important.”

Della’s pile of “Vintage to Grow Into” is getting so gigantic.

This. Dress.

I am so in love with this bud vase

And my best score of the year so far. Thanks to my friend Justin for helping me get my new desk!

Happy Birthday, Bob Seger!

It is kinda law that if you live in Michigan, you have to love Bob Seger. People in Indiana have John Cougar Mellancamp, you guys in Jersey have Bruce Springsteen, and here in the Mitten State we have obsessive passion for Bob Seger.

Today is Bob’s 70th birthday, and I managed to talk myself out of making cupcakes to celebrate, but you know I just had to post a round up of all things Bob we’ve discussed here on the blog in the last 10 years.

Happy Birthday Bob!

Here’s a 1977 Seger concert ticket I randomly found inside of a record sleeve. Why haven’t we cast this in bronze?!?

A reader sent me a (blurry, yes I know) picture of a promo bottle of Silver Bullet Band wine.

and of course, multiple Bob Seger T shirt posts are next…What else would you expect from me?

A very early T Shirt Tuesday post about my fav Seger shirt in my collection. (Please ignore my awful hair, and what are those…DVDs and CDs behind me?!? What year is this from, 2010? Oh. Yeah.

Dan’s favorite Bob Seger shirt, this one from 1983, featured in another T shirt Tuesday post.

We’ve had a couple of this one from The Distance tour over the years, but I managed to just keep one.

and finally, here is a sweet Bob Seger T shirt that I miss terribly. From a Pine Knob concert, which is just a few miles away from where Seger lives.

Have a sweet Bob Seger anything you want to share? Send me an email! I’d love to post it on the blog (non-blurry pictures preferred, please!)

Mix Tape April

At the Moment:
It’s the last day of April, and Della’s 2nd birthday today! As I type this we have chocolate cupcakes baking in the oven that Roy & I made this morning, her presents are wrapped and waiting, and we’ll be going to the zoo later today. It’s going to be a fun day!

It has been a great month, too. The windows are open! The garden is started! Vitamin D and wearing sandals! We’ve been outside as much as we can, but also making trips to our local art museums and a couple far-away friends.

Reware also had a rad last few weeks. A store in our hometown, Asute Artistry, is now carrying my record earrings, and we trekked out to Columbus for the 10th anniversary Craftin’ Outlaws, which was AWESOME. And my new Instagram vintage kiddo shop, Naptime Vintage, opened and had a fantastic first sale (more to come soon!).

We made a huge batch of strawberry jam and strawberry syrup, and I made almost 100 new notebooks, and a bunch of new embroideries (most of which sold before they hit the website, sorry). I finished up new Roman Shades for our kitchen & family room, and a new embroidery for Della’s room – with my first hand-drawn font!

Shopping and Drooling Over:

This Ed Emberley fabric!

Pyrex made limited edition storage dishes with the vintage dot design I collect to celebrate their 100th anniversary! I had no idea this was a thing until I saw someone’s post on Instagram and took the kids to Target an hour later on a mission. I’ve found two so far, three left to score!

I couldn’t pass up a Heathers T shirt from Alison Rose.

and Other Things I’m Loving Right Now:

My friend Carey of Glass Action and Handmade Detroit opened up a shop with Melissa from Mended! Congrats again, ladies!

This post of Afghan Skateboarders is just so awesome.

Tiffany Han has got this SO right. Been trying to unplug from the noise of the internet, tv, phone more and more lately, and loving it. This has included taking a step back from blogging so that I could just MAKE STUFF instead of TALKING ABOUT MAKING STUFF, and I am really amazed at just how much more I could accomplish and feel so great too.

Dan’s cousin makes the most beautiful friendship bracelets & sells them in her Etsy shop, Whimsy Artisan, and she just posted a great DIY tutorial on YouTube! Gotta try this for myself.

This round up of garage sale signs. I’d so stop at any of those.

Easter marshmallow drops, Roy’s first bowling outing with the HD family, DIA date nights, finally getting dinner at Gold Cash Gold, and the new Whurl app!

Looking Forward to:

A couple trips up north with the fam, running my first 10k, and our kids birthday party are all in May, and The Last Unicorn tour, even though it won’t be here for another year. One of the best movies ever!

Naptime Vintage Coming Soon!

I’m SO excited to announce…I am starting a side-gig biz & opening up a vintage kiddo shop account on Instagram at @naptimevintage! Please follow and share with your vintage-loving mom & dad friends, if you can. Thanks so much for your help, I’m super excited for this new adventure in vintage – first sale happening REALLY soon!

Mix Tape March

At the Moment:
This month I did a major update in the shop – new clothes for men & women, new jewelry and more in the online store for spring – have you looked yet? I am also really thankful that wholesale orders have been coming in every week from brick & mortar shops, so I have been crazy busy and working weekends & nights to fill orders. It is awesome to be slammed in my “slow” time of year!

This month we took Della to her first Pistons game and she LOVED it, exclaiming “Pistons Basketball!” as Dan walked her into the game. She adorably super into hugging & cuddling, running across the room for a hug and saying “Gotcha!” with a smile after (thank you to whoever taught her this). Roy has been all about “making” everything, from baking with me to making construction paper toys, to helping with the “kostruction” when we’ve been working on the house. Dan and I have also been spring cleaning and organizing (even though it is still snowing here), and back to running as much as we can.

I made more in National Craft Month than I have in ages! SO many notebooks and new jewelry for the Reware Vintage shop and for other brick & mortars, I embroidered a few new projects for the site, and I even worked on a Tiger rug art kit from the ’70s a bit. Handmade Detroit had another fun craft-in night, and I really love the Carol Duvall inspired necklace that I made there. I also took a sewing class to make Roman Shades at my favorite local fabric shop, Haberman Fabrics, and am almost done with our new shades for our kitchen and family rooms.

Loved this Pyrex Post on TheKitchn.com, full of links for all things Pyrex!

Also, I’m back to reading blogs again, but am sad to see a number of my favorite bloggers have left and am in the need for new blogs to read (ones that don’t read like giant advertisements, especially). If you have some favorites to pass on, please tell me in the comments!

Listening to:
I am listening and checking out a bunch of new podcasts to listen to while I run, and while I work too. Lately I’ve been digging Stuff Mom Never Told You, Launch Grow Joy, and Explore Your Enthusiasm. Have any you love & you think I should check out? Please let me know in the comments!

Shopping and Drooling Over:
The new Handmade Modern section at Target. Have you seen it? I hear there is fabric at some Target’s too, but I haven’t seen any in mine yet. Fingers crossed!

Carouselink.com has the most amazing leggings. Go. Go look at those hot air balloon ones.

Atomic Crush Design has these new retro Gravel Art Kits and I LOVE them.

All of these wooden dowel projects are so so good!

and Other Things I’m Loving Right Now:
Yoga with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, daylight in the evening, sewing for hours and hours, seeing the baby giraffe at the Detroit Zoo, random gift from customers in the mail, GNO with Crissy from Indie Biz Chicks, watching Teen Witch on Netflix, and FINALLY watching my BFF’s winter guard perform!

Looking Forward to:
Starting to plan Roy & Della’s birthday party, selling at Craftin’ Outlaws in a few weeks, and spending every moment I can outside in the sun. Oh, how I have missed Vitamin D!

Hello Spring!

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