Hello Spring!

Spring is just around the corner! We’re saying goodbye to winter & all our cold weather clothes with 40% off – check out deals in every department – Women’s, Men’s, and Kids!

Kid-Easy Peanut Butter Cookies

Roy and I have been baking a lot together this winter, and it is awesome in so many ways. I love that our almost-4-year-old is so interested in cooking already, and that he is developing understanding of the work that goes into our food. Plus it is a great bonding time for just the two of us!

I’ve learned that the key to cooking with children so young is to keep it simple and keep him helping through the whole process. Of course it helps if the treat at the end is something yummy for kids their age, too. One of our favorites to make lately is Peanut Butter Cookies. It couldn’t be simpler, quicker, or more perfect for a preschooler!

Peanut Butter Cookies
makes 2 dozen cookies

1 cup peanut butter (smooth or crunchy)
1 cup sugar
1 egg
Anything else fun you want to add – let your kid get creative! Chocolate chips, candies or even crushed potato chips would be great. We like to add a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Let them dump the ingredients in the bowl and then take turns mixing it all together. Having kid-size mini utensils is great if possible!

Make sure to let them try the batter and decide when you are done mixing (unless he will take advantage of it and keep sampling that way, ha ha).

Pushing down on the cookies with a fork is a favorite step. Do it once, then cross-wise, and stress *gently* so your cookies don’t become pancakes.

Bake at 350 degrees for 9 minutes, then let cool for at least 10 minutes before eating.

Enjoy and high five your helper!

Family Style: Just Me, San Francisco

One last post from our trip to San Francisco!

On one of our last days in town, we randomly woke up at 5am. For no reason. Then I said “Why don’t we just go watch the sunrise?”. So we went to the best place we could think of to do it – the Golden Gate Bridge.

It was BEAUTIFUL! We watched the sun rise, walked through the park, saw Alcatraz and then watched the storm clouds (and the crazy wind) roll in. We barely escaped the area before it really started pouring, but got some great shots beforehand. This picture certainly wasn’t one of them, but it was the only one of both of us.

Here’s a couple of our favorites!

And a couple of my outfit for the day…

Vintage Felt Hat – thrifted, Esprit
Dress – Old Navy (similar)
Vintage Denim Jacket – thrifted, Toughskins
Tights – gift
Boots – Target
Vintage Belt – Held Over
Handmade Antler Necklace – Antler bought at antique show, strung on chain by me
Hobo Bag – Target (similar)
Handmade Earrings – My favorite new studs! From GirlyThings73 on Etsy, bought via Brickyard Buffalo

It was one of the best days of vacation ever. Who’d think insomnia could have such beautiful results?

Mix Tape February

At the Moment:
This was a fun month for Reware: I got a new plus size mannequin (old dress form for sale, email me if interested!), and got a ton of new items in the shop. Plus I had a Galentine’s shopping night, hosted by my friend Benita in her home, and it was awesome! Want to host a shopping night for you & your friends? Message me! Hosts get a great discount + shop credit based on sales.

It was a fun month for our family, too. Not only did Dan & I have an awesome vacation, but Della & Roy had a great time at Grandma & Grandpa’s too. They have been super into costumes lately – Della especially loves a rainbow tutu that she has. We turn off the lights in Roy’s room and put on “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, and she has her own little dance recital, spinning around on her tip toes while Roy stands on a chair pointing a flashlight down on her as a “spotlight”. They came up with this all on their own, and it is now a totally adorable daily tradition.

To balance out the cuteness, the mega-sick has continued, full force. 3 different fevers and a stomach flu went through the family, plus a double eye infection for Roy, which literally came on the same day he actually could eat again. Then he was allergic to the eye drops and it was the worst thing ever. PLEASE, make the sick end, somebody!

Another highlight of the month: Carey & I teaching a Valentine’s craft to our kids’ preschool class. It was super fun, and Roy has been all excited for crafting and art ever since. We’ve made a bunch of construction paper guitars, painted an oatmeal carton drum, cut construction paper feathers for his bedroom door, and decorations for the kitchen, plus lots of drawing & coloring. So fun, but I’m running out of ideas…can anyone suggest any blogs/pinterest boards of preschool age crafts?

Aside from lots of kid crafts with Roy, I made over 50 pairs of earrings for stores & the site, some new embroideries – a couple are in the shop as of yesterday – and Della’s very first sticker book.

I finished Tiff Tuttle’s Being and Awesomeness: Get Rad, Stay Rad, and HIGHLY RECOMMEND it! Seriously made me rethink a number of my habits & tendencies and put some things in a whole new light. Thanks, Tiffany!

Listening to:
Adam Ant, The Ting Tings, Desmond Dekker, Ladyhawke, Mustard Plug, and Tiffany Han’s “Raise Your Hand and Say Yes” podcast. Also, The Clash’s Sandinista has been on the turntable a lot, because “Hitsville UK” has been stuck in my head most of the month.

Shopping and Drooling Over:

I just discovered Present & Correct, and I want all the things!

It’s been a year with my current running shoes, and I’m ready to switch to a new pair. Maybe these ones?

Speaking of shoes, have you seen the Andy Warhol x Converse collection? OMFG.

And other stuff I’ve been loving lately:
San Francisco. Also, meeting up with a number of old friends this month, making art with my friend Carey and our kids’ preschool class, surprise gift boxes from our friends in Seattle (thank you Kysars!), taking Roy & Della to the MOCAD and the DIA and NOT taking a single picture so that we really enjoyed ourselves, Katy Perry’s halftime show, watching jellyfish swim, Moscow Mules, Valentine’s Day, bright colors that make me channel spring, Ben Folds Five announcing a summer album release & tour, and applying for out-of-state craft fairs with fingers crossed.

Looking Forward to:
Going to yoga class at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, taking a new sewing class, and Daylight Savings Time (yay, winter is nearly over!)

Vintage Shopping in San Francisco: Afterlife Boutique

I’ve got to tell you guys about one more favorite vintage shop Dan & I discovered in San Francisco – Afterlife Boutique.

Not only is Afterlife super on point and authentic with what is hot right now in vintage, their shop just oozes awesome. They have lots of great jewelry, beat up leather jackets, and reconstructed gear. But you know they just had me with their T shirt collection.

I mean, look at that wall. Ok, now that a second look at that glorious PIL shirt. Daaaaaaaannnnngggg!

Some of our other favorite finds on the racks:

Thrasher + Pushead


As a kid who went to Wrestlemania III, I have a soft spot in my heart for Rowdy Roddy Piper

I haven’t seen this one in person in SO long. Dead Kennedys “Bedtime for Democracy”.

Thanks for the flashbacks, Afterlife! Can’t wait to come back again and drool over your selection again in person – in the meantime, I’ll be shopping the Afterlife website.

Vintage Shopping in San Francisco: Static Vintage

Dan and I spent a few days in San Francisco this week, and I was lucky to have lots of shopping time one day to spend in one of the city’s best vintage districts, Haight & Ashbury. Not only fun to explore for the historical reasons, this area also had a crazy amount of awesome vintage shops. My favorite?

Static Vintage

Why was Static my favorite? Because I am obviously quite nuts about vintage T shirts (in case you didn’t notice yet), and this store had an insane collection. (Read through to the end to see the one’s I just couldn’t leave without)

First I spent a long time looking through their racks, finding a slew of gems including these:

had to include this one for my Michigan pals

Then I made the mistake best decision of my life and told them I blogged about and collected vintage T shirts. “Would you like to see the shirts in the back room?”

Yes. Yes I would.

And I did. And I gasped on many occasions. I mean, I got to actually see this shirt in person.

and so many great others! I mean, the Who stack was super impressive, and I’m not even a fan of The Who. I did swoon over a number of Pink Floyd, Duran Duran, Rolling Stones, and Bon Jovi shirts, but managed to walk out without a whole ‘nother suitcase full of vintage to bring home.

But I just couldn’t leave without these beauties.

Static gets 5 out of 5 stars from me. If you go, make sure to ask to see the secret stash in the back. And be prepared to feel like you just ate an entire chocolate cake after having a hot & steamy night in the bedroom, then finding out you won the lottery. It is just. that. good.

More posts from San Francisco coming over the next couple of weeks, too! Til then, keep drooling over that Willie shirt.

Mix Tape January

At the Moment:
January was the month the plague came into our home…one of us has been sick nearly every single day this whole time. Dan even got sick while on a mini-trip skiing in Denver. Then I got it right before I left for Alt Summit. Still, we stuck it out and had an incredible month anyways.

Della is talking. so. much. I don’t even know how many words she knows, but it has to be well over 50, maybe even close to 100. Just a few days ago she learned “no way”, and so that’s been especially fun, getting repeated over and over again, usually when I am telling her to eat her meal, give me back something she shouldn’t be playing with, or it is time to sleep. She is also obsessed with babies right now, pointing them out everywhere we are. Roy is obsessed with drawing, coloring, and writing. He asks me how to spell words, and slowly writes them out. I can hardly believe it, what a kid.

I made myself 3 new business card holders from vintage cassette tapes (watch the mega-simple tutorial on my Instagram), some fun new jewelry including some embroidery floss wrapped pendants (going into the shop soon), my DIY Felt “Big Eyes” art, and even made the kids and my friend’s niece some special superhero capes.

Amanda Palmer’s “The Art of Asking”, which I totally loved and was a perfect read on my flight to Alt Summit, and “You Are Not So Smart” by David McRaney.

Listening to:
So much! Music is what gets me through these crazy cold, stuck inside winters. Prince (lots of Prince), Chvrchs, Arcade Fire, The Aquabats, She & Him, Pixies, Fleetwood Mac, The Specials, Bastille and even a little Taylor Swift.

Shopping and Drooling Over:
While I was in Salt Lake City, I visited Bohem and picked up some fantastic carved wood stamps and a mega cute stapler. Also drooled over all the gorgeous antique quilts and handmade rugs that wouldn’t fit in my luggage.

I treated myself to the new Kindle Fire HDX and am totally in love with it! It was fantastic for my trip to Salt Lake City and I love how light it is compared to my first-generation Kindle.

Got some new painted wooden earrings on Brickyard Buffalo for a steal!

And other stuff I’ve been loving lately:
Signing up for my first 10k, seeing Aziz Ansari live, meeting internet friends IRL, chilly trips to the zoo, taking Roy on a special “donut date”, thrift shopping in new cities, Pistons date nights, gold nail polish, coming home after a trip away, getting some cool swag in the mail from Munchkin, Airbnb, Wayfair and Bing, and the fact that The Americans is back on TV.

Looking Forward to:
Teaching an art project to Roy’s preschool for Valentine’s Day, a trip to San Francisco, and working on some new ideas I had while in Salt Lake City!