DIY Big Eyes Inspired Felt Art

After a Handmade Detroit hangout to see Big Eyes, Carey & I both decided we needed to make our own Big Eyes inspired art!

I had a vision of making a “Big Eyes” from felt, and putting it in a kitschy vintage frame. The whole project didn’t take long once I’d found the perfect frame and art to put my own wooly-spin on.

I used tracing paper and some artistic interpretation to make my design.

Then traced each layer onto it’s own sheet to use as a stencil to cut out my felt.
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An Exciting Week to Share!

This week we’ve got all our new Record Jacket Embroideries in the shop, and lots of great new vintage dresses, tops and bottoms for ladies in the shop, plus loads of new Record Earrings! Check them all out in the shop – I hope you’ll love it all!

Also, this is kid’s week in the shop – all clothes for boys and girls are 50% off through Saturday, to make room for lots of new kiddo clothes coming soon! Make sure to shop all kid’s clothes before the sale ends on Saturday night.

Finally, I’m off to Alt Summit next week, and can’t wait to meet fellow bloggers and shop owners! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see what I’m up to, and I’ll share more about my trip on the Reware Vintage blog afterwards, too!

xo, Bethany

What We Kept

The last buying trip a couple weeks ago was great for the web shop, and for our family too! A few of our keepers:

A new sweater for me! Cozy + vintage + aztec = all mine.

Perfect paint by numbers for the play room!

For Della, screaming “Wear me on St Patricks Day!”

And finally, something for Dan!

Vintage Boblo Island T Shirt

Hey, a new T Shirt Tuesday post! Excuse the not so great picture…I had Dan take this pic late at night, and I had a throbbing headache and a concussion. It’s a long story. Actually, no it isn’t: Roy jumped up into my arms for a hug, and instead he hit my head and actually gave me a concussion, which I think is pretty much the exact opposite of giving someone a hug.

THIS IS MY DEDICATION TO BLOGGING, GUYS. A concussion and I still said “Hey, can you take a picture of me? I have to write this shirt up”.

Anyways, here it is, my latest addition to my Boblo Island collection!

I recently bought this Boblo Island shirt on Ebay, from the original owner who told me he bought it when he was in 6th grade on a field trip, back in 1977. When I was in 6th grade we took a class trip to Boblo Island too…glad to hear it was a right of passage way back then, too!

The Shirt: Boblo Island Tourist T shirt, from 1977

The Tag: had been cut out by original owner

Estimated Value: I paid $22 for it. In excellent condition, I’d estimate it at $35.

Mix Tape December

At the Moment:
I am feeling extremely thankful for such a crazy fun month. The holidays with my family + DUCF = the best time ever, seriously.

In this whirlwind month we had the BEST DUCF ever *over 8,000 shoppers*, a couple of new Reware product debuts I’ve been holding close for months, and a fantastic Christmas with our two kiddos. I even got to go on a buying/friend visit-trip for two days, which I haven’t done in forever!

Roy was slightly obsessed with Christmas this year, and we’ve all been in the spirit because of it – I even let him listen to the “All Christmas music” station on the radio whenever we were in the car, which is something I swore I would never ever do many years ago. Della is learning a word or twelve every day – she is even using possessives, counting to 5 and knows her colors which I can hardly believe.

Remember when I said I was winning at Christmas last month? Ha! Yes, we started decorating really early for us….then the boxes of decorations sat in the living room untouched until Christmas eve when we realized the lights, the wreaths, the nativity…were just going right back in the basement for another attempt at decorating next year. Oh well, we really did have the best of intentions.

Instead of proper Christmas activities, I continued the creative frenzy of November by making even more notebooks (coming to the site soon) and gifts for a whole lot of people. Oh, and I had an interview in the Detroit Free Press about Handmade Detroit & Detroit Urban Craft Fair, which was a lot of fun. Dan has been happily reading on his new Kindle, making fun of me for booking “one last holiday show”, and looking through stacks of vintage basketball trading cards I scored for him.

To put a cherry on top of the best month ever, I was chosen as a winner of a pass to Alt Summit in January! I’ve been wanting to go for years now, and am just thrilled to go. THRILLED.

A truly awesome month.

More and more notebooks! Kitchen towel sets for all of the ladies in my family, scarves, embroideries, necklaces with some vintage wooden beads gifted to me (coming soon!) and sharpie mugs for my BFF & her rad husband. Thanks to Carey I even got to make myself a new shirt with a fab David Bowie iron-on from 1976. Excuse me while I drink another giant coffee…

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Favorite Posts of 2014

Hard to believe this is the last day of 2014! What a fun year it has been, and this blog was, of course, part of it. I especially loved showing you all our favorite scores for our family in a new “What We Kept” series, getting inspiration from friends and new adventures, and trying out lots of new crafts to share as DIYs. Here are my favorite posts of the year, hope you like them as much as I liked writing them!

A Big Reveal – My New Record Embroidery!

9 Weird Things That Happen When You Wear Vintage Clothing

DIY Baby Leggings from a T Shirt

Thanks for a Great DUCF!

Vintage Bar Cart Revamp
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What We Kept

I know, I know…you aren’t supposed to buy things for yourself right before Christmas, right? This doesn’t apply because it is thrifted though. I mean, what are the chances anyone was going to find any of this for us?

This spider plant mirror is gonna be so great in my workspace!

One of the best/worst books ever written

Vintage. Bowling. Shoes.

Vintage Healthtex and Strawberry Shortcake for Della! I actually had that Apple Dumpling doll as a kid too, so it is an extra special find.

Orange tab Levis jacket for Roy

The most beautiful teak salad set!