It’s Our Black Friday Sale!

EVERYTHING in entire Reware Vintage shop is 30% off. No exclusions. No coupons needed. The sale ends Monday, November 30th, so take your time if you want! It’s my way of saying thanks to you, and also “I understand if you want to sleep/eat/hang/whatever you want other than shop for a couple days”.

If you’d like to, please share the sale. Online, with your friends, however you want! You can also take the opportunity to subtle-ly point out that thing you’ve been wanting, wink wink nudge nudge.

Thanks as always for shopping here!

Looking A Lot Like The Holidays Around Here!

A few pictures of how we are getting ready for our local holiday shows and our online shop for the season! I’ll leave out the pictures of our embarrassingly messy workspace…

Lots of new Trading Card Notebooks coming to DUCF

And some fantastic new FULL SIZE record jacket embroideries too!

Did I mention NEW COLORS of Record Earrings? And restocks of favorite colors!

And last but not least here are 52 vintage Michigan Playing Card Notebooks, perfect for stockings!

Gotta go, back to the crazed making!!!

Mix Tape October

At the Moment:
Best part of the whole month of October? Dan running a Marathon! He has been training for this for so long, and it was just awesome to see him run through the finish line. SO AWESOME.

The cutest thing? Della is completely obsessed with song titles for the last few months. Every new song that comes on anywhere – in the car, at home, in the grocery store, she is immediately asking me what it is called. She gets upset when I don’t know right away! Now it is paying off for her – she will randomly yell out whatever song that is playing with extreme enthusiasm whenever she hears something she recognizes. Usually WAY before I would be able to identify it. Dan says “Basically, Della’s talent is the Shazaam app”, except that it is way cuter to hear a 2 year old scream “THIS IS HIGHWAY TO HELL!” than using any app. Her favorite right now is the Rolling Stones, making me listen to Hot Rocks for a solid week+ on the record player.

Roy is drawing & coloring like crazy, or practicing his letters and words. He is drawing a picture for everyone whenever someone visits us, and he always makes sure to sign it on the bottom. He was Spiderman for Halloween, Della was Princess Sophia, and it was awesome. Raining as usual, but the kids still had a blast, and really loved drawing out their pumpkin designs for us to carve.

I’m hard at work starting to get ready for DUCF and booking a couple new holiday shows to sell at. Hard to believe we are just weeks away from December now, but I’m so stoked for it!

This month I’ve been making SO many blank cards for Reware Vintage! You’ll be able to buy them in multi-packs soon on the website, and individually at shows this holiday. I’m also working on some new colors of record earrings coming soon!

Listening to:
These amazing Carole King demos of songs she wrote for the Monkees. Also, lots of Sloan, Camera Obscura and the new Soulsavers album. For podcasts, I’ve been enjoying Question of the Day, and Will’s Band of the Week (the New Order Special was especially awesome). Also, loved Tara Swiger’s Explore Your Enthusiasm podcast with Midwest Craft Con’s Grace Dobush!

Shopping and Drooling Over:

I can’t tell you how excited I am that flares are back in style. Of course, I have a stack of vintage flares in my closet, but I still wanted a new pair for the season. My pick was the Gap 1969 Authentic Flares.

I bought this Nightmare on Elm Street Sun Shade, not for me, but for my friend Justin, because he’s so awesome and also because my children will never leave the house again if I actually put it in my car.

Tiger. Head. Leggings. Thanks to LulaRoe and my friend Sarah who sells LulaRoe and made my legging dreams come true!

Alternative Apparel has some awesome stuff in for fall! We ordered a bunch of stuff to test out a new idea or two for Reware Vintage and I also treated myself to the most cute and comfortable polka dot hoodie.

and Other Things I’m Loving Right Now:

This story of Patti Smith being reunited with a bag of her stolen clothing at a reading in Illinois. Sometimes clothing is more than just clothing.

Cider Mill visits, Detroit Urban Craft Fair meeting nights, hanging with my pal Crissy, seeing Inside Out in the theater with the kids, finally starting to feel better after being sick for over 2 weeks, the Korean Beef Bowl at Rock City Eatery, warm October afternoons, apple orchard trips, Zoo Boo at the Detroit Zoo, the existence of Pez Heads (Hello Kitty ones especially!), Austin & Emily’s farm wedding, Della’s handmade quilt from her Great Aunt Marilyn, celebrating my Dad’s birthday, and craft night with the girls at Carey’s.

Looking Forward to:
November will be the craziest, best month getting ready for the 10 year anniversary Detroit Urban Craft Fair!

Vintage T Shirt Tuesday: Nightmare on Elm Street 5 T Shirt

I feel like you were either a Halloween or a Nightmare on Elm Street person back when I was a kid. I didn’t really know many people that were really into both. Me? Oh, I was a Nightmare on Elm Street girl. When I saw this T shirt pop up in my Instagram feed for sale, I couldn’t help myself and I bought it for a killer deal (did ya see that pun?!?)!

My original idea was to wear it a few times and then sell it, but when I put it on I knew I’d never actually do it. Then Robert Englund himself liked my picture of it on IG and it was officially never leaving my collection again. Now that my kids are old enough to look at me with horror whenever I put it on, I only wear it when they aren’t around me, which is hardly ever. Someday they won’t ask me “WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT BABY?!?”, “WHY DOES HIS FACE LOOK LIKE THAT, MOM?!?” or “WHAT IS ON HIS HAND?!?” with terror and I’ll gladly wear it more again.

The Shirt: Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

The Tag: Tag Cut Out

Estimated Value: $60 in this condition (faded, tag cut out) $80 in mint condition

What We Kept: All Mine

Sometimes my kids and husband make out with all the vintage finds for weeks. This month, I was able to cross a couple of desperate wants off of my list and even get crafty with a vintage save.

Vintage LL Bean winter boots! In my size! Now I can be outside this winter and hate it slightly less, because these boots are everything.

Let’s bring hair combs back. I’m starting the movement with this vintage beauty.

This vintage 1970s pull over mens flannel was in sorry shape. I had to resew most of the seams and mend a few rips, then put a vintage girl scout patch over a worn hole. Now it is a fall favorite, so soft and thin and warm. Totally worth the work!

I love when I finally find something I’ve been hunting for for ages. What are you finding lately? Any vintage scores to cross off your list?

Mix Tape September

At the Moment:
We lost our dog Kona this month, which was very difficult. She was an awesome dog, and we miss her so much! I’m sure it will take a while before this all seems normal, but it is a tough adjustment after all these years of having her in our home.

Our friend Kim came into town & visited right after, and brought a lot of laughter with her (much needed). Love you, Kim! We also took a family trip out to a cottage by Grand Rapids and absolutely loved it. We checked out the incredible John Ball Zoo and had a fun afternoon at the Grand Rapids Public Museum. We spent evenings looking at the stars over the lake in our backyard and some time in the lake with the kids. We even got to go bowling in a tiny 6 lane alley in the town we stayed in, it was really fun. Then, right back to school for Roy & back to work for us!

Speaking of work, I had a fun day selling at the Kerrytown Bookfest for the first time (with one of my most crafty friends right next to me, Type Shy, yay!) and my 8th year of selling at DIY Street Fair. Pals Justin and Lindsy were the best helpers & Carey the raddest neighbor tag-team as always. Thanks to everyone who shopped and stopped by both shows!

I spent a week embroidering more record jackets and sold almost all of them at DIY Street Fair, and also sold most of the new infinity scarves I’d made de-stashing my fabric shelves. What is left will be going on the site soon for you to see & shop!

Listening to:
So many good albums out now! Ben Folds So There, Lana Del Ray Honeymoon, Metric’s Pagans in Vegas. Also listening to Slim Twig, and bingeing on Ted Talks while I run.

Shopping and Drooling Over:
All the looks on this Le Fashion post: 45 Incredible Street Style Shots from the 1970s

I’ve bought an obscene number of earrings from The Foxy Hipster and I have no regrets. I just want more.

These Mix Tape socks by Woven Pear! I’d wear them the last day of every month, just to celebrate this blog post tradition.

and Other Things I’m Loving Right Now:
Dangerous Minds’s post about Boy George on the A-Team so many years ago. Have you ever seen it? It’s so bad, it is awesome – I highly recommend watching it.

This simple wall hanging tutorial. I MUST MAKE THIS.

Looking at the stars out in the country, watching sloths & petting sting rays at John Ball Zoo, care packages from Gen & family, my new handmade pot from my talented friend Amanda, touring TechShop Detroit, my spider plant blooming flowers for the first time, watching the eclipse while DIY Street Fair comes to a close, Dally in the Alley, special surprises from Lindsy, pear hard cider, and wearing boots again!

Looking Forward to:
Halloween! Being able to talk again! Both will be fantastic.

DIY Street Fair!

It’s one of my favorite weekends of the year in just a few days – DIY Street Fair weekend!

You can find the Reware Vintage tent in our usual place – in space F1 – across from the main beer tent, and next to my friend Glass Action! This year we will not have vintage clothing, but instead will have our handmade notebooks, embroidered record jackets, new infinity scarves and SO much jewelry! Most of it is not available yet on the site, and debuting for the first time at DIY.

If you live in Metro Detroit, this is a show you do not want to miss! Seriously, go check out all the bands playing. Come on by my tent & see all that is new, and make sure to ask me for a coupon for shopping on the site too!

See you there!

What We Kept: Estate Sale WHOA

On this edition of What We Kept, ALL THIS STUFF CAME FROM THE SAME PLACE.

And this isn’t even everything that I brought home, this is just what I’m personally keeping (other finds will be going into the shop, will be remade into something else for the shop). BIG thanks to my friend who was having pretty much the coolest, craftiest, most wonderful estate sale ever, because her grandma collected all the BEST stuff and invited me over for a sneak peek.

No cooler way to organize my jewelry supplies!

and lots of other cool papers I forgot to take pictures of for wallpapering Della’s vintage doll house.

I saw stars when I saw all these barrettes! And the greatest trio of chevron mini rings, too.

Vintage Sewing Supplies

September is National Sewing Month, and I thought I’d share some of my favorite vintage sewing supplies here to celebrate!

Not only are these needles still great to use, the package design on each is so fantastic!

This tiny handmade sewing travel kit is a favorite estate sale find from years ago, and I just love this needle book.

And one of my favorite things ever – my vintage sewing basket. It even has tripod legs that screw into the bottom to stand it on the floor, and a tray inside. One of my best thrifts ever.

I’ve also got a little vintage pincushion collection (one shared here). Do you collect vintage sewing things? What are your favorites? Hoping to share some of my vintage fabric stash later this month!