Mix Tape September

Not nearly as much as I wanted to make! I made Della a couple little hair bands, and got ready to make an all new batch of infinity scarves from vintage fabric for the shop.

Listening to:
A number of new (to me) Depeche Mode 12″ singles, David Bowie, The Beatles, Camper Van Beethoven, Jesus & Mary Chain, The Raveonettes, “Flashbeagle” (Roy and Della’s current fav) and The Vaselines.

Shopping and Drooling Over:

I bought this AWESOME 3D fiber mascara from Younique, via my friend Gabbey. I’m not usually fond of Tupperware kind of sales stuff, but I am making a exception for this make up – It is seriously the best mascara I’ve ever used – my lashes look crazy full and long now. It is worth the money, and really easy to use. If you don’t know anyone selling Younique, feel free to order from Gabbey too, here!

The vintage reproduction series from Levis is jaw dropping. Especially the 1930′s ladies leather!

Speaking of shoes, I was pleasantly surprised (i.e. jumping up and down) to see that Zulily had a Dr. Martens sale last week and I could get the polka dot boots I’ve been drooling over for a pretty insane price.

Have you seen the Nate Berkus for Joann Fabrics line? I love that navy drawn line print the most.

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Thank You DIY Street Fair!

Thanks to everyone who shopped and visited with us at DIY Street Fair! As always, I had a total blast and loved our weekend there – one of my favorite weekends of the whole year!

The music was awesome, the food was incredible and I loved shopping with my fellow vendors. Roy and I even got to ride the ferris wheel for the first time and he had the BEST time.

You may have noticed the website is pretty cleared out now. More awesome T shirts and cold-weather clothes for guys, gals and kiddos are on their way! I CAN’T WAIT to show you some of my fav finds ever!! Want to be notified as soon as they go up? Sign up for the Reware Vintage email list on the site right over there ——-> (or right below if you are looking at this on the front page of the site).

Thanks again, this weekend was just amazing. Special thanks to my friends Gabbey and Justin who helped me in the Reware tent, Monica and Cathy who babysat, and everyone at DIY Street Fair for putting together such an awesome event!

DIY Street Fair This Weekend!

I couldn’t possibly be any more excited for this weekend. The next three days are DIY Street Fair!

Reware Vintage is in our usual spot across from the beer tent, behind the WAB. I’ve got stacks of new T shirts and lots of new vintage apparel for guys, ladies and kids from the fall collection for DIY shoppers to get first dibs on, and an extra big bargain bin full of $1-$5 deals too!

See you there!

Mix Tape August

August was a crazy month for us. We repaired and painted a bunch of walls that were water damaged in our home from the harsh winter, tore out our kitchen, built a new kitchen, and put in new flooring and painted about half our home. Did I mention we are also potty training Roy and Della is pushing out her molars for the last couple weeks? Additional bonuses: Roy fell and gashed his head open, needed 7 stitches AND my car broke down after a two day craft show ended, an hour away from home. Needless to say, work was put on hold most of the month. Totally worth it, but I will recommend to anyone reading this out there that this combo of stressful things is REALLY not something I would advise anyone to attempt yourself.

While we were demolishing our kitchen, many of our friends dealt with flooding in their homes, businesses and cars here in Metro-Detroit. Our home was luckily dry through the worst flood to hit our county in decades, and I hope we never see water like that again in my life. Seriously, our freeways were under 14 feet of water. It was nuts.

On a lighter note, let’s get on with it!

Does building an insane amount of cabinets count? I made one batch of notebooks…Eh…lots of plans for next month!

Listening to:
LOTS of Nick Cave, The Monkees (Roy loves Mary, Mary), The Cure, The Beach Boys, The Budos Band.

Shopping and Drooling Over:

I recently discovered Sosie, and am really in love with these.

Nicole of Sloe Gin Fizz designed the what I consider to be my ultimate T shirt, really. For The Sewing Party on November 8th, which sounds REALLY cool – hoping I can join in!

Groundscore.com has got a Coffee ring. And a Sweatpants ring. And a Guacamole ring. Please get me all the rings.

I scored the most incredible vintage cabinet for our family room at the Vintage Street Market. All I need to say is LEATHER DOORS. And new rooms mean new art – I got two very cute prints from the uber-talented Jodi Lynn’s Emporium of Doodles.

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Reware Vintage at Vintage Street Market

I am so excited to be back at the Vintage Street Market again in Grand Rapids tomorrow (Sunday, August 10th)! This is just the best collection of vintage sellers, and I had a BLAST in June when I was there.

Come by if you are in the area and get a deal on what is left of my summer collection, plus a sneak peek of what is coming to the store in the fall! There will be killer dresses, tops and skirts to shop from, plus STACKS of new vintage T shirts. This will be my last time at the Vintage Street Market this year, so hope to see you there!

Shop with Reware Vintage at YB Blue!

I was very happy to work with the Metro Detroit Goodwill stores this summer to curate one of their pop-up shops inside Eastern Market, called YB Blue. I used to shop Goodwills all the time in Detroit long ago and found some incredible scores, so I have been very happy to see them opening up stores again in my area lately. When they contacted me about curating a collection for Eastern Market I was all sorts of excited, and when I shopped I was shocked by all the fantastic vintage I found – and the prices are GREAT!

While I won’t be able to make it to the market on Sunday, I can’t wait to share my finds with you all there. Seriously, there were so many things that I now can’t believe I didn’t buy for myself! You’ll find vintage clothing from the 60′s through the 90s, and some other designer finds that were vintage inspired, too.

Not only are there clothes, but you know I just couldn’t help but gather some vintage records, housewares and handmade crafts too (like the most amazing quilt completely made from scraps of vintage fabric). And furniture too!

Here’s just the tiniest taste:

The cutest art set

Dan even said “You didn’t buy that for you?!?”

and last but not least, this GEM. Unused and just waiting for some crafty gal to finally make it!

Someone I know, please buy this and let me come over when it is finished so I can bask in the crafty glow!

Check out the Goodwill YB Blue pop-up inside of Shed 2 at Eastern Market on Sunday, August 10th from 10-4. If you shop, please tag me in your photos on Twitter (@bethanylouise) or Instagram (@rewarevintage) and show me what you scored. Happy shopping, and thanks again to Goodwill for letting me curate this amazing collection!

Mix Tape July


I made some fun notebooks for myself & a friend with some Instagram tags I won from The Bees Knees Vintage. I also learned how to make a cool braided rope bracelet, thanks to Small Craft. And Dan finished our new garden (part is vertical!), which I am in love with.

Listening to:

Pe’ahi by the Raveonettes, Lazaretto by Jack White, More of the Monkees, and Public Image Ltd Album

Shopping and Drooling Over:

I got these Converse Thong Gladiators, and have worn nothing else since.

Better Life Bags makes awesome customizable bags in lots of styles, fabrics and leathers, in Detroit.

Love the pressed flower I phone case trend. They are all so pretty!
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9 Weird Things that Happen When You Wear Vintage Clothing

You Find a Bizarre Thing to Obsess Over

For some, it is a certain designer. For others, it is a specific decade or style. For me, it’s T shirts. And weird Levis products. And Michigan specific things. Did I mention I collect a couple different china patterns? Don’t forget Converse & Doc Martens, too.

Ok…there may be one thing you obsess over to the point of making an online survey to discuss what modern T shirt feels most like your favorite T shirt from the 1980s…but then there are probably 5-10 other things you also obsess over, just not as much.

You Get Annoyed When Stores Label Things Vintage That Aren’t Vintage

Like OVER ANNOYED. REALLY OVER ANNOYED. Ask any vintage collector, and they will go on a way-too-long rant about what vintage means, and how it is used inappropriately all the time by lots of stores. It drives us insane.

People Ask You if You Liked that Popular Movie/ TV Show Just Because it is Set in the Past

It is absolutely shocking how many people have been absolutely shocked that I do not watch Mad Men. Or Downton Abbey. That I did not see Great Gatsby. Hey, just because I like vintage clothing does not mean I suddenly have massive amounts of spare time to watch EVERYTHING that has some vintage clothing in it. (Just some of it.)

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Reware Vintage at Maker’s Mart Tomorrow!

I’m very excited to be a part of the Maker’s Mart, hosted by Ponyride this Saturday in the parking lot next to the building. As part of the week long Detroit 313th birthday party, there will be over 40 handmade makers to shop and some great food too.

I’ll be there with nearly 100 Record Notebooks and lots of Record Earrings (including colors not yet available on the site!). You may be able to even sneak a peek at a secret project I am working on right now…

View the whole list of vendors at the Maker’s Mart Facebook event page here, and hope to see you there!