About Me

Hi there! I’m Bethany Nixon. I’m a wife, mother to Della and Roy, and a proud member of Handmade Detroit, the organizers of the Detroit Urban Craft Fair! I am a collector of vintage T shirts and Dr. Martens, a thrift store explorer, and a bit fanatic about Depeche Mode. I also love crafting, sewing, running and a cold glass of Strongbow.

When I was a teenager, I loved thrift shopping. Coming home with all these great old concert T shirts and Levis, worn out track jackets and combat boots; I was hooked. After a couple of years hunting for myself and friends, I started thrifting as a full time job when I was in college, as a buyer for a couple of vintage stores in Michigan. I learned about this new website called Ebay in 1999, and I started selling vintage tour T shirts and other collectibles there. I got a degree in Entrepreneurship and years later, my amazing now-husband, Dan, began working as a web designer and programmer. We worked together and RewareVintage.com was launched in 2005. Besides selling vintage, we decided to include my other passions – crafting, sewing and music in our Reware section of the site – It’s part vintage and part crafty, and I hope you’ll like it all.

I am just as inspired by beautiful, unique design as I am by popular labels and vintage trends. I feel that great design should be available to everyone – every size, shape and budget. I want to sell you vintage that you will still love years from now, and will last just as long. I am always happy to hunt for whatever you might be looking for, and I do have wholesale pricing on all of my upcycled vintage crafts. Have a question about the blog, an item, a search or anything else? Contact me!